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Weeks'Best Investor Deck 2009

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Mywire.com launched WeeksBest in 2008 which was a news and content curation platform aimed at the consumer market.

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Weeks'Best Investor Deck 2009

  1. 1. The best content from the web in free weekly updates
  2. 2. Gathering and Delivering Quality, Topical Content • Consumer site for news and information organized by topic • Shifts focus from searching to engaging • Relevant, timely content selected by expert producers • Significant market opportunity due to “Information Overload” • Aggregation sites lack veracity, ease of use and appropriate selection • Unique relationship with MyWire enables pure play growth curve • Experienced management team: Start-ups, media companies, and editorial functions 2
  3. 3. 33 An Antidote to Irrelevant Information • High quality content: all formats, all genres • Descriptive details attributed to content • Partnerships with branded expert Producers • Producers select content for Week’sBest from topic ‘in-box’ • Free consumer service • Weekly self-scheduled email delivery (or RSS) • Rolling collections • Unlimited subscriptions
  4. 4. 4 The Elegant Producer Experience • Opportunity to define new business model • Leverages inherent brand and expertise • Efficient market knowledge: time, effectiveness, • Approximately 30 minutes per day • Daily updated Producer’s ‘in-box’ • Add external items • Monetize audience development • Enthusiast community of 1,000+ topics • Merchandising • 360 consumer feedback
  5. 5. 5 Searching for Consumer Attention • Basex Research notes information overload “a $650 billion drag on the U.S. economy” • IDC reports the digital universe will be ten times larger by 2011 • Consumers media sources exploding • Frustration • Lack of confidence • Unmet needs • High quality content ‘hidden’ and out of reach • Consumers react to brand validation Sources: PriceWaterhouseCoopers Annual Media Survey, 2008 and New York Times
  6. 6. 6 Simple, Easy Access for Consumers • Enthusiast • Information seeker • Business professional • Consultant • Student • Researcher Consumer Experience Demo
  7. 7. Unique Among Competitors • Competitors rely on key word search • Extraneous, irrelevant and spurious result sets contribute to ‘information overload’ • Limited use of recognized experts • Predominance of over designed sites • Producer brand minimized • Advertising models detract from content • Existing business models impede legacy players 7
  8. 8. 8 A Timeline Built on Achievement • Completed • Editorial tool in production • Key hires made • Rollout of initial topics • Week'sBest beta version launched • After funding • Continue expansion: Seeking Producers • Launch 40 topics during next 12 months • Complete all senior level hires • Implement any changes to editorial platform • Maintain momentum on topic publication launches • Expand incorporation of video/audio • Achieve run rate of 10 new topic publications per month
  9. 9. 9 Revenue Growth for Producers Typical Title (Title 1) Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Number of Email Subscribers 2,195 12,912 33,948 61,651 98,088 Number of Web Visitors 34,343 87,555 95,646 101,699 105,710 Revenues Per Month $234 $1,969 $7,137 $14,015 $24,418 Annualized Revenue $2,803 $23,628 $85,638 $168,175 $293,018 • Chart represents a typical Week’sBest titles performance over 60mths (5years) • With limited time commitment by a Producer, revenue growth can be significant • We expect many Producers will adopt more than one Week’sBest title • Annualized revenue represents revenue run-rate at year end
  10. 10. 10 Year Three Break-even Operating Forecast Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Revenue (millions) $0.0 $0.4 $3.7 $13.3 $31.4 Revenue Share to Producers (millions) 0.0 0.2 1.5 5.3 12.6 Profit After Revenue Share (millions) 0.0 0.3 2.2 8.0 18.8 Operating Expenses (millions) 1.3 1.6 2.6 3.8 5.7 Net Profit Before Tax (millions) -1.3 -1.4 -0.4 4.2 13.2 Net Margin After Revenue Share NM NM NM 52% 70% Cash Balance (EOY) 1,769,581 411,469 130,832 4,630,737 18,417,130 Revenue per FTE $4,379 $55,438 $243,568 $578,751 $896,728 Source: WBFin_6_11.xls
  11. 11. 1111 MyWire Publishing and Distribution Platform Publishing: • Toolset to create a multimedia publication • Editorial work-flow solution • Network publishing framework • Web-based interface Distribution: • Revenue allocation system • Financial management • Content distribution
  12. 12. 12 An Attractive Investment Opportunity • New viable revenue model as content universe crumbles • A pure play content creator (no technology risk) • Development stage is completed: focused on product rollout • Additional opportunities - new language and regional versions • Strong management team and organization Louis Borders (Co-founder of Borders Books and Music, founder of Webvan, founder of MyWire) Michael Cairns - CEO (Ex-President of information publisher R.R. Bowker) Steve Alperin – Editor in Chief (Ex-Managing Editor ABCNews.com) Key Staff:
  13. 13. Introduction Michael Cairns is a publishing and media executive with over 25 years experience in business strategy, operations and technology implementation. As a business executive, Mr. Cairns has successfully managed several troubled and under- performing businesses, creating new business opportunities, developing new funding sources and enhancing shareholder value for investors. His years spent as an operating executive have largely been with brand-name publishing companies such as Macmillan, Inc., Berlitz International, Wolters Kluwer Health, Reed Elsevier and R.R. Bowker. As a consultant, Mr. Cairns has worked with clients as diverse as AARP, Hewlett Packard, InterPublic Companies and Reed Elsevier with an emphasis on business strategy, market development and corporate development. His skills and experience include: • Business and corporate strategy development and implementation • Operations management and business transformation • Traditional and digital publishing and operations • Print-to-digital transformation and adoption of new business models • Software development and software services Mr. Cairns holds an MBA (Finance) from Georgetown University and a BA from Boston University. He has served on several boards and advisory groups including the Association of American Publishers, Book Industry Study Group and the International ISBN organization. Additionally, he has public and private company board experience. 13 Michael Cairns Information Media Partners Strategy Consulting New York, London, Melbourne Tel: 908 938 4889 Michael.cairns@infomediapartners.com Find me: LinkedIn Twitter Blog Flickr InstaGram
  14. 14. Information Media Partners Michael Cairns established Information Media Partners in 2006 as a boutique strategy consulting firm focused on the information and education publishing segment. The work conducted by the firm includes product development, corporate development, sales management and corporate reorganizations. We work with established businesses, private equity owners and potential acquirers. Examples of our work include: • Reorganized and re-focused a $25 million software publishing company by aligning business operations with client priorities; implementing internal collaboration tools and project management standards; re-building executive team to focus on effective and efficient management • Defined a new business strategy for a large non-profit association and advocacy group, expanding their business model into global markets to exploit their core knowledge and expertise across a broader market • Led an information technology capabilities review at a large international advertising holding company. Completed over 200 interviews in 15 international offices and multiple group focus sessions to define the operational ‘gaps’ between existing agency capabilities and those necessary and important for client delivery by region • Completed a sales management effectiveness review for a global software company and defined six key project initiatives to improve sales effectiveness, market development and account management We approach our client engagements in a standardized, logical manner which creates the best environment to identify key business drivers, administrative and logistical road blocks and/or product or market definition issues. Our investigative approach leads to better insights into your businesses and supports the development of workable solutions and recommendations for success. Visit the Information Media Partners website for more information. Sample Client List
  15. 15. 15 Week'sBest, a division of MyWire, Inc 275 Shoreline Drive, Suite 100 Redwood Shores, CA 94065 650-517-1000