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Amazon Web Services (cloud: is it good for anything?)

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Short presentation on parts of Amazon's cloud computing offering that I have experience with; what is it good for, anyway?

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Amazon Web Services (cloud: is it good for anything?)

  1. 1. Amazon Web Services cloud: is it good for anything?
  2. 2. What’s this cloud thing? Web infrastructure as a service with an API and shared authentication Pay as you go, per hour, no commitments Flexibility TANSTAAFL
  3. 3. What infrastructure?EC2 — virtual serversRDS — ready-to-use MySQL serversS3 — online storage (private and public)Route 53 — DNS serversSQS — message queuesMechanical Turk — human intelligence tasks
  4. 4. There’s more!but I have no experience with that CloudFront — content delivery network Elastic Beanstalk, Elastic MapReduce, Cloud Formation — high level orchestration DevPay, Flexible Payment Services, Fullfillment Web Service Simple Email Service, Simple Notification Service, SimpleDB, Virtual Private Cloud
  5. 5. Common stuffAvailability zones: multiple datacenters onthree continentsAPI is default means of control command-line tools are providedKey-based API authentication IAM — Identity & Access Management
  6. 6. EC2Elastic Compute Cloud
  7. 7. Compute Units type CU CPUs Memory Storage Price/h m1.small 1 1 1.7 GB 160 GB $ 0.0085 m1.large 4 2 7.5 GB 850 GB $ 0.34 m1.xlarge 8 4 15 GB 1690 GB $ 0.68 t1.micro <2 1 613 MB EBS only $ 0.02 m2.xlarge 6.5 2 17.1 GB 420 GB $ 0.50 m2.2xlarge 13 4 34.2 GB 850 GB $ 1.00 m2.4xlarge 26 8 68.4 GB 1690 GB $ 2.00 c1.medium 5 2 1.7 GB 350 GB $ 0.17 c1.xlarge 20 8 7 GB 1690 GB $ 0.68 cc1.4xlarge 33.5 8 23 GB 1690 GB $ 1.60 cg1.4xlarge 33.5 8 22 GB 1690 GB $ 2.10Cluster instance GPU cluster computing instance
  8. 8. EC2 storageVolatile instance storagePersistent EBS storageRoot partition is volatile (except EBS-backed instances)
  9. 9. Elastic Block Storage (EBS) for EC2Network-mapped persistent block deviceUp to 1TB in sizeAtomic snapshots and cloningLive attach/detachReplicated on backend
  10. 10. EC2 IPsInstances are behind NAT;local and external IPs and DNS entriesExternal DNS is split-horizonElastic IPs can be attached to any instanceSecurity groups provide named firewall rules
  11. 11. Other EC2 featuresReserved instancesElastic Load Balancing — automaticallydistribute application server trafficVirtual Private Cloud — hybrid cloud/physicalnetwork with a VPNCloudWatch — monitoring for EC2 instances,with auto scalingHigh Performance Computing clusters
  12. 12. Relational DB Service (RDS)Hosted, pre-tuned MySQL on EC2 instancesNo SSH access to instance; SQL onlySnapshot-based backup, point-in-timerecovery, some support for replication
  13. 13. Simple Storage Service (S3) Named buckets of 1B-5TB objects Objects never leave assigned region Public or authenticated access to objects BitTorrent protocol support (?) 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability over a year; Reduced Redundancy Storage for non-critical data
  14. 14. Route 53HA and scalable DNS serviceDirect API access — no zone files!Automated computed DNS for automaticallymanaged infrastructure!
  15. 15. Simple Queue Service (SQS)Producer → queue → consumers model foroffline processingUnlimited number of named queuesUnlimited queue depthProcessing lock
  16. 16. Mechanical TurkOn-demand workforceMarketplace for Human Intelligence Tasks(think solving CAPTCHAs)Pay only for accepted work,min. $0.0005/HITOptional qualification test for workers
  17. 17. In comparison with metal hardwareMore expensive No commitmentLess efficient API for everythingLess flexible HA and redundancy built in where neededQuicker to set up(ready within minutes) Low-level stuff is someone else’sPay-as-you-go, per problemhour/GB/API call
  18. 18. So, what is the cloud good for?Experiments, testsFlexible, adapting environmentsFiguring out actual needs(agile startups)Throwing money at a problem(instead of manpower and time)Parts of complex systems(hybrid environment)