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Portfolios, Blogs, and Websites: Using the VIUBlog Platform for Student Assignments and Activities

Do you want students to share their learning more visibly with their peers?
Are you interested in creating assignments that allow students to collaborate, remix multimedia, and develop literacies for contributing to the open web?

The VIUBlogs service can be used by faculty and students to communicate with peers and/or the community, write collectively, build a portfolio, or engage in reflective writing. An increasing number of faculty are developing learning designs which integrate VIUBlogs as part of student learning activities.

In this session, we will showcase some of the possible ways which you might integrate VIUBlogs into your teaching practice and consider how doing so may make student learning more visible, collaborative, and authentic.

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Portfolios, Blogs, and Websites: Using the VIUBlog Platform for Student Assignments and Activities

  1. 1. Portfolios, Blogs, and Websites: Using the VIUBlogs Platform for Student Assignments and Activities Prepared by: Michael Paskevicius Learning Technologies Application Developer Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning Vancouver Island University
  2. 2. Brainstorm •What opportunities are we providing students to develop their professional online profiles? •What sites, networks, associations are they commonly connected to? •What evidence of student learning at VIU currently exists online?
  3. 3. ...advance the competences, knowledge, and skills needed to participate successfully within the political, economic, social, and cultural realms of a more open society (Geser, 2007; McAndrew, Scanlon, & Clow, 2010). ...fosters the development of valuable literacies for students entering the workforce (Royle, Stager, & Traxler, 2014). ...extends web literacies to include the practices of open collaborative knowledge formation, copyright, sharing, and open access to knowledge (Dohn, 2009). Engaging students with open publishing, collaborative /collective writing, and digital remixing projects…
  4. 4. Personal Portfolios, Blogs, and Websites • A selection of online, reflective, integrative, and personal documents that present how one has developed in their discipline • Offers evidence of interests, accomplishments, and activities across all aspects of academic life outlining growth • Can be kept private, shared with faculty, shared with peers, or made open to the world • Extends the CV providing employers with a comprehensive portrait of a student’s training, achievements, and future career goals Bauer, G. (2011) Elements of A Professional Academic E-Portfolio. Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Delaware. Available online: http://www2.udel.edu/e-portfolios/sites/udel.edu.e-portfolios/files/users/user19/epelements11j.pdf
  5. 5. Student Projects and Portfolios http://studentblogs.viu.ca/erringtontkd/ http://studentblogs.viu.ca/knyvan/ https://studentblogs.viu.ca/moirabrowneportfolio/
  6. 6. Collective Writing Spaces Image from Ng'ambi, D. (2010) Mobile Learning in Africa: a case of anonymous SMS http://www.slideshare.net/Ngambi1MLearning/ •Multi-author configurations for collective and collaborative writing projects •Engage in peer review writing projects •Document a projects’ evolution over time •Leave a legacy of student created work
  7. 7. Collective/Collaborative Writing Spaces https://wordpress.viu.ca/informationdesign2016https://wordpress.viu.ca/cieviurecipes http://wordpress.viu.ca/biol325
  8. 8. http://bit.ly/WordpressEDUCases
  9. 9. • 28% of websites on the internet are powered by Wordpress • Based on open-source technologies (PHP and MYSQL) • Active and vibrant developer community • Highly portable, flexible, and adaptable tool for creating websites • Mobile friendly New WordPress Buttons and Stickers | Nikolay Bachiyski | Creative Commons CC-BY
  10. 10. Mobile ready for reading and creating content Write, upload, edit, curate your site on the go
  11. 11. Embeddable Content You can embed content from any of these popular websites on your Wordpress site Simply paste the URL onto any post or page Embedded content is not a copyright breach, however: • Do not present the material as if it is your own • Cite the author whenever possible • Recognize that the resources may disappear or change!
  12. 12. http://studentblogs.viu.ca/http://wordpress.viu.ca/
  13. 13. Community support networks at VIU http://wordpress.viu.ca/ddcc/ http://wordpress.viu.ca/mbaenglish/ http://wordpress.viu.ca/viuasc/ • Multi-author sites created to support VIU students and communities
  14. 14. VIU Faculty of Education Post Baccalaureate Program • All support for the program moved to open access • Building archive of capstone community action projects into the site for future learners • Students also develop professional practice ePortolios over many years in the program https://wordpress.viu.ca/pb6education/
  15. 15. Reflections from the VIU Indigenous Learning Circles • Used to share summaries of learning circle meetings, participant reflections on the experience, and experiments with bringing new perspectives into pedagogical practice https://wordpress.viu.ca/learningcircle
  16. 16. Biology 325 • All students built and maintained their own site • Posts were aggregated into a parent site • Tasked with creating two articles on a local bird species of their choice • Comments emerged as students reviewed one another's work http://wordpress.viu.ca/biol325
  17. 17. • Open access online journal for undergraduate research in liberal arts • Edited and curated by students • Agreed to Creative Commons licensing for the journal in principle http://wordpress.viu.ca/compassrose/ The Compass Rose
  18. 18. https://wordpress.viu.ca/cieviurecipes/ • Students collected stories of food and culture from the community and shared these in a collaborative writing space • An open online resource which can evolve and grow over time
  19. 19. https://wordpress.viu.ca/iceland2017 • Students and faculty reflecting on field trip experience to Iceland • An open online rich media resource which can be accessed by family and peers • Comments and feedback on student posts
  20. 20. Opportunities for discussion, peer review, and feedback
  21. 21. Privacy controls • Allow search engines to index this site – accessible to the world • Visible only to registered users of this network –available only to logged in members of the VIU community • Visible only to registered users of this site – available only to people explicitly added to the site • Visible only to administrators of this site – available only to people explicitly added to the site as administrators
  22. 22. Support resources for VIUBlogs • Creating blogs, eportfolios + websites overview: https://ciel.viu.ca/learning-technologies-innovation/developing-using- media-content/creating-blogs-eportfolios-websites • VIUBlogs service overview: https://ciel.viu.ca/learning-technologies-innovation/technology- tools/viublogs • Technical details of setting up a site: https://ciel.viu.ca/learning-technologies-innovation/technology- tools/viublogs/getting-started-viublogs
  23. 23. Explore Creative Commons Licensed Works For more see: http://creativecommons.ca/ https://ciel.viu.ca/learning-technologies-innovation/developing-using-media-content/finding-using-open-educational-resources/creative-commons-licences http://www.slideshare.net/mpaskevi/introduction-to-open-educational-resources-2013 Freely and legally accessible resources for reuse and remixing in creative works
  24. 24. What challenges or benefits can you imagine engaging students with open publishing, collaborative /collective writing, and digital remixing projects?
  25. 25. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 Prepared by: Michael Paskevicius Learning Technologies Application Developer Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning michael.paskevicus@viu.ca Follow me: http://twitter.com/mpaskevi Blog: http://wordpress.viu.ca/ciel Presentations: http://www.slideshare.net/mpaskevi