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자바(Java)를 위한 클라우드 환경 기반 Paas

[데브멘토 동영상]김세희 vmware 차장</p>
Vmware 크라우드 컴퓨팅 솔루션</p>
클라우드 상의 애플리케이션의 특징</p>
PaaS의 핵심특징</p>

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자바(Java)를 위한 클라우드 환경 기반 Paas

  1. 1. Java를 위한 클라우드 환경 기반PaaS - VMware Sehee (Sarah) Kim WW Cloud Practice Group kims@vmware.com Jun 21, 2011 © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  2. 2. VMware Solutions for Cloud Computing End UserSaaS ComputingPaaS vFabric vCloudIaaS Infrastructure2
  3. 3. 클라우드상의 어플리케이션의 특징?New Frameworks Abstraction • Developer productivity through increasing abstractionNew Domains Time • Enterprise applications now concerned with mobile, social interactions, SaaS integrationNew Data Types, Requirements and Tools • Data growing at 60% per year, NoSQL data solutions, need elastic dataNew Infrastructures • Virtualized, Cloud • Public alternatives for app construction
  4. 4. vFabric Cloud Application Platform: PaaS – Platform as a Service Components4
  5. 5. PaaS ? Cloud Platform Services Application Data Dynamic Management Management Messaging Load Balancing App ServerPaaS의 핵심특징Runtime Architecture Enables Cloud-ready Applications• Scalable – able to expand n-fold based demand• Distributed – real-time data available WW and distributed application execution• Adaptable – to functional evolution and expansion• Resilient – able to thrive on public internet: Security, FT, and Rapid RecoveryOperational Platform to Support Shared Services• Automated -- able to rapidly provision direct to end-user• Managed – full platform visibility with real-time trending Cloud Applications• Shared Services – services available to multiple applications• Monetized – sufficient hooks to support customized chargeback requirements
  6. 6. vFabric Cloud Application Platform Cloud Application Platform is a set of application services that produces a cost-saving, future-proof solution for building, running and managing applications in a virtual or vCloud environment; all running on top of vSphere. PaaS Goals ERS, tc Server, Hyperic RabbitMQ, GemFire, Hyperic tc Server, Hyperic “Application “Data Virtualization” “Agile Application Modernization” Deployment with PaaS” (High Performance Data (High Scale Application Platform) Cloud) (Platform-as-a-Service) Supporting SolutionsHigh volume Web applications Low latency data management (XTP) Next generation integration Maximize the utilization of IT infrastructure resources and stay in control Distributed / global data grids Batch application modernization
  7. 7. Application Infrastructure for the Cloud Generation VMware vFabric Cloud Application PlatformFrameworks & Tools Rich Web Integration Batch Data Access Social /Cloud Tool Suite vFabric Elastic Global Data Cloud Dynamic Load Performance Policy-driven tc Server App Server GemFire Management RabbitMQ Messaging ERS (Apache) Balancer Hyperic Management Napa * Automation Platform Services Virtual Datacenter Cloud Infrastructure and Management
  8. 8. vFabric Cloud Application Platform: A Closer Look ERS – Enterprise Ready Server (Apache) Web Server, Load Balancer tc Server Tomcat Lean Application Server Hyperic Performance Monitoring and Management Rabbit MQ GemFire Email Data Messaging Management, Service Elastic Data Fabric
  9. 9. The Open Platform-as-a-Service - Cloud Foundry Data Services Private Clouds Msg Services Public Clouds Other Services Micro Clouds
  10. 10. Customer Challenges, Need for vFabric PaaS Planning Service VMware vFabric Professional Services are designed for all customers (small, medium, large) who are developing a PaaS application virtualization management solution and want to accelerate their ability to achieve the following: • Application modernization • Deployment agility, application performance • Data virtualization • Better system performance monitoring and management • Fewer deployment issues • Shorter deployment timelines • Greater degrees of user satisfaction and acceptance of PaaS and virtualization solutions 10
  11. 11. Resources for More Information •vFabric Cloud Application Platform Product Stack http://www.vmware.com/products/vfabric/ •VMware Consulting Services, vFabric Services http://www.vmware.com/services/by-product/vFabric.html •VMware Cloud Computing http://www.vmware.com/solutions/cloud-computing/ •Community open-source project http://www.cloudfoundry.org11
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    Mar. 8, 2016
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    Sep. 25, 2013

&lt;p> [데브멘토 동영상]김세희 vmware 차장&lt;/p> &lt;p> Vmware 크라우드 컴퓨팅 솔루션&lt;/p> &lt;p> 클라우드 상의 애플리케이션의 특징&lt;/p> &lt;p> PaaS의 핵심특징&lt;/p>


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