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  1. 1. Definition Literal meaning: rebirth Marked by surge of creative energy  Seen in all areas of culture Began in Italy in 14th century and spread north  Delayed in England due to political upheaval  Took hold during the reign of Henry VII
  2. 2. Changes from Medieval to Renaissance Change in view of religion  Medieval times: focused on religion and afterlife  Renaissance: more interest in life on earth More focus on individual and human potential  Difference in view of ambition “Renaissance man”  What is?  Difference between “Renaissance man” and medieval ideal man
  3. 3. Renaissance Religion Henry VIII  Creation of the Church of England  Why?  Protestant church  Thirst for male heir created infamous reputation  Six wives, 3 heirs  Only one male
  4. 4. Henry’s Six Wives Catherine of Aragon  Anne of Cleves  Divorced  Divorced/Annulled  Mother of Mary I Anne Boleyn  Katherine Howard  Beheaded  Beheaded  Mother of Elizabeth I  Treason Jane Seymour  Died  Katherine Parr  Mother of Edward VI  Survived
  5. 5. Catherine of Anne Boleyn Jane Seymour AragonAnne of Cleves Katherine Howard Katherine Parr
  6. 6. Renaissance Religion (cont’d) Edward VI  Only male heir to Henry VIII  Succeeded at 9, but died at 15  Group of radical Protestants used Edward as power  Became known as Puritans
  7. 7. Renaissance Religion (cont’d) Mary I  Daughter of Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII  Known as “Bloody Mary”  Superstitious game?  Brought back Roman Catholicism  Intense persecution of Protestant  Burnt over 280 Protestants at the stake
  8. 8. Renaissance Religion (cont’d) Elizabeth I  Daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn  Considered the most able ruler England has had  Brought back Protestantism, though kept some aspects of Catholicism  Known as the “Virgin Queen”  Never married  Controversy of nickname  Cultivated many aspects of culture, allowing for growth in idea of Renaissance  Dancing, art, theater
  9. 9. Elizabeth I
  10. 10. Renaissance Culture Delight in arts, literature, beauty of nature, human impulses, exploration and mastery over world Think of the Renaissance greats:  Shakespeare  Galileo  Columbus Great advances in technology  Compass, telescope, printing press