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Principal of Landscape design | Michelle Mopkins

Landscape design is an independent business and a design and art culture, practised by landscape designers, combining nature and tradition. In new practice, landscape design link the space between landscape architecture and garden design.

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Principal of Landscape design | Michelle Mopkins

  1. 1. MICHELLE MOPKINS Landscape Design
  2. 2. Landscape Design • The art of developing property for its greatest use and enjoyment – Involves understanding the environment around the structure and selecting plants that perform well in that environment. 2 Michelle Mopkins
  3. 3. Economic Value • Increase property value 6 to 15 percent • Reduce energy costs –Buffer wind –Control solar heat gain 3Michelle Mopkins
  4. 4. Functional Value • Aesthetic value • Enhance livability • Conservation and environmental protection • Solar heat control • Wind control • Sound control • Slope stabilization 4Michelle Mopkins
  5. 5. Environmental Effects Landscaping can • Moderate temperatures • Reduce glare and wind • Use water more efficiently • Clean the air • Provide wildlife habitat Bird and Butterfly habitat 5Michelle Mopkins
  6. 6. Rules and Regulations State, local, and/or community regulations may control landscape design. • Storm water drainage • Tree ordinances • Street trees • Street yard • Buffer yards • Street wall • Parking screen and islands • Trash screen 6Michelle Mopkins
  7. 7. Rules and Regulations Storm water regulations 7 Michelle Mopkins
  8. 8. Rules and Regulations Tree Ordinances 8 Michelle Mopkins
  9. 9. Rules and Regulations Street Trees 9 Michelle Mopkins
  10. 10. Rules and Regulations Street Yard 10 Michelle Mopkins
  11. 11. Rules and Regulations Buffer Yards 11Michelle Mopkins
  12. 12. Rules and Regulations Parking Screens and Islands 12Michelle Mopkins
  13. 13. Rules and Regulations Trash Screen 13Michelle Mopkins
  14. 14. • Repetition • Balance • Emphasis • Unity Principles of Design Concepts used to organize the elements of a design 14Michelle Mopkins
  15. 15. Repetition • Use of the same element over and over • Repetition is achieved when the same line, shape, color, texture, plant, or material is used throughout the landscape Principles of Design 15Michelle Mopkins
  16. 16. Repetition 16Michelle Mopkins
  17. 17. Principles of Design Balance • A sense of equality that can either be symmetric or asymmetric. Formal Balance – A symmetrical design in which the design can be divided into two identical halves. Informal Balance – An asymmetrical design that can not be divided into identical halves but that provides an overall sense of equilibrium. 17Michelle Mopkins
  18. 18. Balance Formal Balance 18Michelle Mopkins
  19. 19. Principles of Design Emphasis • The result of focusing attention on one aspect of a design. • Emphasis is constructed by creating a visual path from at least one vantage point to the focal point. Focal Point – The object of attention Vantage Point – The place from which the focal point is viewed 19Michelle Mopkins
  20. 20. Emphasis 20 Michelle Mopkins
  21. 21. Principles of Design Unity The impression that the separate parts of the design belong together or are part of a whole. Unity is created by • A consistent style (Japanese, formal, etc.) • Visual pathways • Consistent color scheme • Repetition of lines, plants, and hardscape 21 Michelle Mopkins
  22. 22. Unity 22Michelle Mopkins
  23. 23. THANK YOU Michelle Mopkins 23