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3.1 Online Services (Part 2)

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3.1 Online Services (Part 2)

  1. 1. 3.1 Online Services Momina
  2. 2. Click for more>>> Steps in Online Selling Goods Online Banking Banking Before the shop Services of Online Benefits comes online Banking The Online System Security Issues Back to contents
  3. 3. Why do companies sell their goods online?Can save a lot of money - Don’t need to pay shop assistants - Don’t need to pay building rents - Don’t need to answer a lot of customer questions.Can compete with larger businessesCan reach out to a much wider audienceCan be open 24/7So what does all this do? Back to contents
  4. 4. • The company can increase their sales.• Costs associated with processing orders is also reduced• Companies can receive payments quicker• Company can keep track of purchases; determining which product is most or least popular.Before the shop comes online Back to contents
  5. 5. 1. An easy to remember domain name needs to be created. This name should be related to the business. 2. A high-specification web browser is needed allowing the site to operate 24/7. 3. Need to have a way of accepting payments– a secure shopping cart software. 4. A software to keep track of stock and orders 5. In the website a database of product names, descriptions, pricing and photos also need to be incorporated.Online shopping system MUST allow admin staff to add, edit and delete categories. Back to contents
  6. 6. • It can be made secure by the use of usernames and passwords.• It must allow customers to make use of orders stored in the database. This is so that they can find what they want quickly, see their history, and maintain their own accounts.• The website MUST be a friendly user interface.• The customers must feel confident that all the transactions that will be made are secure Back to contents
  7. 7. Features of online banking:- Up-to-date bank statements- Bill payment- Transfer of funds- Loan applications- Higher interest rates Online Banking Steps Back to contents
  8. 8. 1. Customers have to log in 2. Security Information3. Account information and available services 4. Account details Back to contents
  9. 9. • Customers are asked to type in their username or user IDSteps in online banking Back to contents
  10. 10. • The site will then ask you to type in your password • As well as some additional information E.g. – mothers maiden name – Date of birth – Your favourite placeSteps in online banking Back to contents
  11. 11. • This page consists of : – Customers accounts – Account numbers – Different services the customer can apply for.Steps in online banking Back to contents
  12. 12. • When a particular account is selected • The history of transactions along with recent transactions are listedSteps in online banking Back to contents
  13. 13. 1. Order a bank statement2. Pay a bill3. Transfer money4. Get account details5. Change/ create standing orders and direct debits (E.g. paying a gas bill)6. Stop a cheque7. Get a new PIN Back to contents
  14. 14. Identity Fraud Criminals using a victim’s identity to defraud a third party. Back to contents
  15. 15. Advantages to the bank Advantages to the customerDon’t need to rents area on main streets Don’t need to spend money on transport(which can be very expensive)Employ fewer staff– need to pay fewer It is easier for people who have disabilitieswages + have fewer running costsLow costs– higher interest rates for savers Customer can back at any time that isand lower rates for borrowers convenient of themLess likely that the bank will be robbed It wont be embarrassing when asking for a load online rather than in personReduced amount of money spent on Interest rates on saving accounts is highersecurity staff Don’t need to worry as to when the bill payments will reach the company because you can send it online Less likelihood of robbery. Back to contents
  16. 16. Disadvantages to the bank Disadvantages to the customersLess personal touch so reduced amount of Loose social contactup sellingFraud or interception of account Necessary to have computer skills, internet access, ainformation may be a possibility which computer, reliable electricity supplycould cause the bank to loose money.Costas are still involved in running the Hackers may intercept data and take money from thebusiness – website developers customers accountInitial costs may be high Customers may mismanage accountsRetrain staff– costs money Outdated reason: phone bill may increase if the phone line is being used to connect to the internet Customers cant make cash deposits; so they will have to physically have to go to the bank Customers may be victims of phishing (when the customer receives an email claiming that it is from the bank and requests you to give out bank details. Back to contents