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  1. 1. Angola Noah Arsitio
  2. 2. Angola flag The Angola flag represents industrial and agricultural workers.
  3. 3. Location of Angola Angola is a country in southern Africa, bordered by Namibia on the south.
  4. 4. Angola population, size, and continent Today Angola population is about 21,471,618. Angola is 481,400 square miles. Angola is located in southern Africa. Angola has a plateau averaging 6,000 feet above sea level. Nearly all of the land is desert or savanna with hard wood forests in the north east.
  5. 5. Angola capital city and important cities Luanda is the capital city of Angola. Another important city is Huambo because it is the largest city in Angola.
  6. 6. Angola popular food Arroz is a popular food from Angola It includes rice with chicken or fish. Catatos is another popular food, it includes fried garlic and served with rice.
  7. 7. Important Historical events More than a million men, women, and children were shipped from Angola across the Atlantic, nearly all of the slaves were destined for Brazil.
  8. 8. Angola Traditional costumes Women wear panos, an African wraparound batilc garments in parties and special occasions in the city.