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As Media Brief

A level Media Studies Brief for Fictional opening sequence.

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As Media Brief

  1. 1. As Media Brief Molly Sandford
  2. 2. Main Task• For the main task; we need to complete an opening sequence of a new fictional film which can last up to two minutes and must include titles.• The sequence can be any genre of our own choosing.• The key to a successful opening is to leave the audience asking questions and creating scenarios in their minds of what they believe the rest of the film will be about.
  3. 3. Mark Scheme• When appropriate, shots must be held steady.• Framing a shot, including and excluding elements as appropriate.• Use a wide a variety of shot distances as appropriately as possible.• Shooting material appropriate to the task set.• Selecting mise-en-scene including colour, figure, lighting, objects and setting.• Editing; so that meaning is apparent to the viewer.• Using varied shot transitions and other effects selectively and appropriately for the task set.• Using titles appropriately.