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EIA for Al Tafila wind farm

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It is study of Environmental Impact assessment of the Tafila wind farm in Jordan .

Mohammed Herzallah

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EIA for Al Tafila wind farm

  1. 1. Environmental Impact assessment TafilaWind Farm Tafila – Kingdom of Jordan By: Mohammed Akram Herzallah. 2014-2015
  2. 2. Objectives of the project • The project cover 3% of the national electricity demand (to produce 117 MW electricity in Jordan ). • Growing business opportunities in the region. • The project will contribute to Jordan's development objective in the energy sector aiming to increase both electricity production and the share of renewable energy in its electricity generation portfolio.
  3. 3. • Reduce energy import dependency. • Reinforce reliability of supply and energy security. • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Objectives of the project
  4. 4. BENEFICIARIES • End users of housing units, commercial and • industrial facilities. • Local residents (job creation). • Local farmers and livestock owners (improved access & infrastructure).
  5. 5. Description of the project
  6. 6. Description of the project IFI : International financial institutions • Region : Middle East • Company name (promoter) : JORDAN WIND PROJECT COMPANY PSC • Country : Jordan DURATION • Total Design/Build Phase: 21 months • Operations Phase: 20 years • Last Updated Date: January 18, 2013 TOTAL COST • €209 million (100% funded through private investment and loans provided by IFIs.)
  7. 7. ACTIONS • Construction of a wind farm in theTafila Governorate (38 turbines with a total capacity of 117 MW). • Installation of an internal collection system connecting the turbines to the transformer substation and to the high voltage transmission network. • Civil works for access roads and transformer station. • Provision of installation equipment and transportation of turbines.
  8. 8. Environmental Impact Evaluation EIV = RI * ECV RI: Resulting Impact RI = D*Ce*(A&S + E + In + P + Rv + Pr) ECV : environmental components value ECV Relative relevance 0 NULL 1-3 LOW 4-6 Moderate 7-8 High 9-9 Very High EIV ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT IMPORTANCE - 301 TO 2100 Negative signicative -1 TO -300 Negative Non signicative >0 Positive
  9. 9. Evaluation of impacts Attribute Definition Description Denotation (D) Indicates if the impact is positive or negative Positive Impact (+1) Negative Impact (-1) Certainty (Ce) Indicates the probability of occurrence of the impact Certain (10) Very likely (7) Likely (4) Unlikely (1) Accumulation and synergy (A&S) Indicates if the impact is simple, acculative or synergic Simple (1) Cummulative (3) Synergic (6) Criteria for the evaluation of Impacts .
  10. 10. Evaluation of impacts Attribute Definition Description Extension (E) Defines the magnitud of the area affected by the impact (surface where the impact is felt) Puntual (1) Partial (2) Extense (3) Intensity (In) Indicates the incidence degree over the environmental component in the area where the impact is produced Low (1) Medium (4) High (5) Very high (6) Total (10) Persistence (P) Indicates the persistence of the impact Fleeting (1) Temporal (2) Permanent (4) Criteria for the evaluation of Impacts .
  11. 11. Evaluation of impacts Attribute Definition Description Reversibility (Rv) Indicates if the impacted component has the capacity to return to their original state Short term (1) Medium term (2) Long term (3) Irreversible (4) Periodicity (Pr) Indicates the periodicity of the impact Discontinuous (1) Periodic (2) Continuous (4) Criteria for the evaluation of Impacts .
  12. 12. Prediction and assessment of environmental impacts and risks Environmental Component Code Impact Air quality A1 Increase in the emission of particulate material and gasses to the atmosphere Geomorphology Geo1 Modification of topography Hydrology Hy1 Alteration of runoff in Chañaral ravine Soils S1 Loss of soil Noise No1 Modification of basal noise pressure • Potential impacts identified – Physical aspects
  13. 13. Prediction and assessment of environmental impacts and risks Environmental Component Code Impact Floraand vegetation FV1 Loss of vegetational formations and flora associated Fauna Fau1 Fau2 Perturbation to environments Collision of birds • Potential impacts identified – Biotic aspects
  14. 14. Prediction and assessment of environmental impacts and risks Environmental Component Code Impact Socioeconomic SE1 SE2 Increase of employment Decrease of touristic activity due to effect on marine mammals Basicsocial well-being BSWB1 BSWB2 BSWB3 - Improvement in road infraestructure -Transfer delays due to alterations in local traffic - Energy generation with low emissions of greenhouse gasses Landscape Lan1 Alteration of the landscape quality and touristic value • Potential impacts identified – Human aspects
  15. 15. The EIA results Impact Construction phase Operation phase Closure phase A1 -252 -56 -252 Hy1 -63 Geo1 -240 S1 -252 No1 -56 -128 -56 FV1 -900 Fau1 -900 -756 Fau2 -684 SE1 +780 SE2 -72 BSWB1 +960 -147 -72 BSWB2 -196 -196 BSWB3 +1820 Lan1 -200 -260
  16. 16. Conclusion • TheTafila wind farm will contribute significantly to the goal of using the renewable energy in GENERAL , with each turbin providing power for more than 2,500 Jordanian households .These households will benefit not only from the stable price of the energy produced by these turbines , but also from the reduction of GHG emissions that is caused by using power from this wind farm insted of fossil-fuel burning power plants .
  17. 17. References • http://www.inframed.com/investments/11/Tafila_Wind_Farm_%E2%80%9C Tafila%E2%80%9D_.html • http://ufmsecretariat.org/tafila-wind-farms/ • http://ifcext.ifc.org/ifcext/spiwebsite1.nsf/651aeb16abd09c1f8525797d0069 76ba/888a87e4e02ad60985257af700703021?opendocument