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  1. 1. RESUME Personal information: Name : Mohammed Al-Subaie Date of birth : 6/6/1988 Nationality : Saudi Place of birth : Jubal Email : noon8055@gmail.com Mobile number : 0545890958 ID no : 1055635039 My experiencesummary : -5 years of Experience by operation departments in Petrochemical company. -Arabian amines company as field operator fouryear & D.C.S operator up to date and have experience in commissioning and new startup of amines. Familiar with Coil Bed Reactor, Flash column, Pressure Dryer, DistillationColumn,Boiler,Incinerator Centrifuges, Evaporators, RO plant,Cyclones,FinFans Exchangers, Vacuum Booster pumps,Can pumps.Compressors& Air compressor,Chilledwater Compressorsystem,OMG etc. DCS SYSTEM OPERATE: Emerson Delta V Version9.1
  2. 2. WORKEXPERIENCE Details :- *Arabian Amines Company ( Aminat) – Saudi Arabia  Period : JULY 2010 –Till Date  Designation : DCS operator.  Company Profile :  Arabian Amines Company is joint venturebetween Huntsman U.S.A. and Zamil Group Saudi Arabia manufactures Eighttype of Ethylene Amines (EDA,DETA,PIP,E100,TEPA,TETA,AEP,AEEA etc.) which are Petrochemical derivatives of Amines.  Technical Work Exposure incurrent assignment :  Involved in commissioning and start up of Ethylene amines plant on Emersion Delta V DCS Version 9.1  Involved in Precommissioning & commissioning of all kind of distillation towers, Evaporators, Centrifuges (Pusher & Static disc),Cyclone separator, Can pumps, Vacuumsystem, VSP PD Pumps, multistage centrifugal pumps, compressorsetc.,  Precommissioning – commissioning & operating experience in high pressureBoiler steam system(THERMAX), Incinerator TOX (ZEECO), ReverseOsmosis unit (BUMHAN), chiller (YORK), cooling water and InstrumentAir compressor (Ingersoll& Rand) etc.  Involved in DCS/instrument continuity test, loop test, Functional test to verify Alarm Settings, Logic/Critical Control Loop Checks, function and sequence test and coordinating unit activities with contractors for “Equipment walk down, Hydro test, Vacuum test, Pneumatic test, Inspection, Towers flow test, Solo run, Test run, PSSR, etc.,  Handled punch list, P&ID isometric line checking, pneumatic tests, Hydro tests, SOLO runs of motors, TEST run of pumps etc.  Operating experience in Ammonia recovery systemfromanhydrous ammonia to aqueous ammonia.  Operating experience in exothermic reaction(between Ammonia &EDC@ 230 deg & 122 bar g pressure)  Operating experience in EDA production units including High pressure reaction (280 meter COIL Reactor), Distillation sections (light, middle &
  3. 3. heavy products column, Vacuum, Continues, Batch, Azeotropic, Incinerator, CentrifugeCaustic Extractor etc.)  Authorized to issue work permitfor SAFE, HAZARDOUS, CONFINED SPACEentry jobs. Safety courses: 1- Have work permit authorizationfor safe & hazard & confinedspace from Aminat Company by Jubal industrial city ((Saudi Arabia)). 2- Performgas tester &clear &tag out & lock out for electrical equipment. 3- ONEof ERT member ((Emergency ResponseTeamby AMINAT)) . 4- Pass firefighting training by firefighting defense inJUBAIL CITY. 5- First aidtraining by Kims hospital.