deep learning machine learning convolutional neural network google analytics and design of algorithms analysis of algorithms des algorithm data encryption standard des key creation computer security symmetric encryption data mining big data data science facebook computer programming css html 5 html intelligence cancer diseases tacacs+ and radius. server based aaa local based aaa aaa characteristic accounting authorization authentication aaa we will discuss the following: classical security phishing pharming smishing vishing distributed dos denial of service distributed dos man in the middl wireshark cisco packet tracer parrot linux kali linux cisco ccnas tools. hackers tools threats landscape we will discuss the following: ccnas overview ccna security computer security ccna security lecture 1 pattern searching regular expression. naive pattern searching we will discuss the following: detect cycle in a directed graph. depth first traversal breadth first traversal search vs traversal backedge acyclic vs cyclic graph directed vs undirected graph we will discuss the following: graph and interpolation search jump search binary search linear search we will discuss the following: search algorithms anaconda. python programming languages some algorithm types algorithm vs pseudocode time complexity & space complexity algorithms merge sort. radix sort counting sort we will discuss the following: sorting algorithms insertion sort selection sort bubble sort sorting algorithms naive algorithm is too slow. the efficient algorit greatest common divisors fibonacci maximum pairwise pr time complexity problems. growth orders big o notation asymptotic notations analysis and design of algorithms data structure googlenet vggnet ilsvrc image processing zfnet alexnet resnet computer vision we will discuss the following: rsa key generation rsa decryption a real world example rsa security. rsa encryption aes encryption s-aes decryption s-aes encryption and decryption s-aes encryption simplified advanced encryption standard s-aes key generation develop project management plan monitor and control project work direct and manage project work develop project charter close project or phase perform integrated change control des encryption stream ciphers and block ciphers the strength of des rail fence cipher vigenere cipher autokey cipher transposition techniques row transposition cipher vernam cipher polyalphabetic ciphers hill cipher caesar cipher playfair cipher substitution techniques monoalphabetic cipher security structure scheme finally our book asymmetric encryption key properties cryptography osi security architecture closing process knowledge areas initiating process project management process and knowledge area mapp project management processes executing process monitoring and controlling process planning process matrix organization functional organization organization organizational structures projectized organization influence of organizational structures on projects program management pmbok project management portfolio management pmi project management office data visualization stacked autoencoder social media facebook marketing فيس بوك فيسبوك مواقع التواصل data course c++ presentation skills cv resume php examples twitter bootstrap jquery javascript html5 gps system operating android
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