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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) The Next 10 Years

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Vicious cycle final 6 30-2010
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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) The Next 10 Years

  1. ...the Next 10 years by Graham Brown mobileYouth.org
  2. 06/02/09 The most powerful man in the world is a black man
  3. 06/02/09 The most successful hip hop artist is white
  4. 06/02/09 The richest golfer is black
  5. 06/02/09 The president of Iceland is a Lesbian
  6. 06/02/09 The world’s most successful Olympian hits the bong
  7. 06/02/09 ...now do you believe we’re in the 21st century or not?
  8. 06/02/09 change This is an era of
  9. 06/02/09 So much of what didn’t work has changed
  10. 06/02/09 changed
  11. 06/02/09 Levi’s has been
  12. 06/02/09 2040 China: world’s biggest economy
  13. 06/02/09 no more...
  14. 06/02/09 There are more middle class consumers in India than there are people in the US
  15. There are more young people owning mobiles than there are people of all ages on the internet
  16. 06/02/09 we’ve only just star te d
  17. 06/02/09 Yet...
  18. 06/02/09 We are still stuck in the 20 th Century
  19. 06/02/09 We still punish students for sharing in the exam hall
  20. 06/02/09 How many managers could survive today without cooperating ?
  21. 06/02/09 We reward all round performance at school
  22. 06/02/09 When was the last time you looked for an accountant who was also a good cook?
  23. 06/02/09 The school bell starts the day
  24. 06/02/09 just like the factory
  25. 06/02/09 The DNA of the Industrial Era still dominates education
  26. 06/02/09 And the DNA of the Industrial Era still dominates marketing
  27. 06/02/09 They still think Pepsi is the choice of today’s generation
  28. 06/02/09 They still think they own the brand
  29. 06/02/09 They still think that customers wake up thinking about that brand
  30. 06/02/09 they’re talking social media engagement mobile web2.0 etc etc but they’re still walking the industrial walk
  31. 06/02/09 Interrupting
  32. 06/02/09 marketing to
  33. 06/02/09 counting the 6% success rate not the 94% failure rate
  34. 06/02/09 handing marketing over to the marketing department
  35. 06/02/09 campaigning for awareness
  36. 06/02/09 ...market share
  37. 06/02/09 talking ‘bout Value Chains
  38. 06/02/09 ...“End Users”
  39. 06/02/09 ...and believing that marketing’s role is to support the organization
  40. 06/02/09 this is a pipeline leading nowhere
  41. 06/02/09 they’ve stopped listening to us and started listening to each other
  42. 06/02/09 stopped trusting our words
  43. 06/02/09 found new ways to turn us off
  44. 06/02/09 but it hasn’t put the most resilient of diehards off
  45. 06/02/09 they’ve started invading every available piece of real estate to grab your attention your message here
  46. 06/02/09 they’ve funked up to get down with youth
  47. 06/02/09 taking over your events
  48. 06/02/09 ...and they’ve started “listening”
  49. 06/02/09 and talking about how “customer centric” they are
  50. 06/02/09 and they’re plotting their next viral video
  51. 06/02/09 but what they don’t know is
  52. 06/02/09 it’s all a waste
  53. 06/02/09 because once customers have forgotten about that video, they have to start all over again
  54. 06/02/09 which is great for the agencies
  55. 06/02/09 as long as their DNA is by nature industrial , they’ll continue to Pipeline
  56. 06/02/09 be my Facebook friend?
  57. 06/02/09 Let’s talk text, it‘s what you kids love
  58. 06/02/09 and if you don’t believe me then ask yourself what exactly was going on in the mind of the organization when these were made?
  59. 06/02/09
  60. 06/02/09
  61. 06/02/09
  62. 06/02/09 proof enough they’re not thinking about consumers?
  63. 06/02/09 you can call it social media but as long as you’re a pipeline you still rely on flooding the market
  64. 06/02/09 We live in a network era awash with industrial brands served by industrial agencies relying on industrial tactics using industrial metrics
  65. 06/02/09 So... Who’s getting it right?
  66. 06/02/09 Platforms
  67. 06/02/09 Platforms stopped listening
  68. 06/02/09 stopped listening to focus groups
  69. 06/02/09 stopped listening to customers
  70. 06/02/09 and started a dialogue
  71. 06/02/09 kicked managers out of their offices and sent them to events
  72. 06/02/09 ..which they didn’t sponsor but created themselves
  73. 06/02/09 because we rely on the market research numbers when we lack the confidence to make the decisions
  74. 06/02/09 how can we be confident we’re doing the right thing when we avoid contact with our customers?
  75. 06/02/09 Platforms market with
  76. 06/02/09 Platforms understand marketing is not a department, it’s a mindset
  77. 06/02/09 Platforms don’t campaign they leave a legacy
  78. 06/02/09 Platforms don’t need CMOs they have CEOs who are outstanding marketers
  79. 06/02/09 Platforms focus on share of customer
  80. 06/02/09 Platforms are the social fabric that connects customer with customer
  81. 06/02/09 Platforms believe the organization’s raison d’etre is to support marketing
  82. 06/02/09 Platforms serve a market beachhead not the mass market
  83. 06/02/09 Platforms sell their values not their brand
  84. Platforms sell Social Currency not products
  85. 06/02/09 Platforms don’t need an “About” page on their website
  86. 06/02/09 rather than talking about it, Platforms do customer-centricity
  87. 06/02/09 Which is all a lot to take in because where do advertising, campaigns and all that fit in with platforms?
  88. 06/02/09 The same way exam halls fit into the needs of modern education
  89. 06/02/09 ...they don’t
  90. 06/02/09 because the world doesn’t need another brand
  91. 06/02/09 ... which isn’t great for agencies
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  103. “ ghosts of a steam train echo down my track”
  104. <ul><li>Dedicated to those writers whose ideas I have shamefully stolen to make this possible * 180360720 by Helge Tenno </li></ul><ul><li>Barking Robot by Derek Baird * Big Brand on Campus by Benjamin Leis </li></ul><ul><li>Blog & Buzz Marketing by Emmanuel Vivier * Canadian Univ Marketing by Morgan Coudray * China Youth Watch by China Youthology * Crack Unit by Iain Tait * Gen Y Marketing by Greg Rollett * Hard Knox Life by Dave Knox * How to Break Anything by Kyle Studstill * Mediasnackers by DK </li></ul><ul><li>Mike Arauz * Millenial Marketing by Carol Phillips * Reach Students by Luke Mitchell * Ruby Pseudo Wants a Word by Ruby Pseudo * Servant of Chaos by Gavin Heaton * Shaping Youth by Amy Jussel * TeenLab at Alcatel Lucent by Jennifer Carole * The Marketing Student by David Fallarme </li></ul><ul><li>This is Herd by Dirk Singer * Three Billion by Paul MacGregor * Tyler Reed Seth Godin Harry Beckwith </li></ul><ul><li>Graham Brown </li></ul>