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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) Now I Can Drink Me - 12 Future Youth Marketing Trends Here Today

Graham Brown mobileYouth.org presents 12 Youth Marketing Trends Here Today. You may have a great product and advertising campaign but if youth aren't part of your product development and marketing process you don't even stand a chance.

***Contains Video Trends & Insights***

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(Graham Brown mobileYouth) Now I Can Drink Me - 12 Future Youth Marketing Trends Here Today

  1. “ NOW I CAN DRINK ME” 12 future Youth Marketing Trends here today twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  2. Great product, catchy advertising b ut … Can I drink me? Presentation by Graham Brown mobileYouth.org twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  3. Youth in Iran riot because they feel they have the ability to change twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  4. Youth voted because they believed they could make a difference twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  5. Forget Social Media twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  6. Forget Mobile twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  7. New Media is just a promise … not a marketing strategy The promise is “how are you going to put me into this story you’re telling?” twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  8. If they aren’t part of the process , you don’t even stand a chance twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  9. Have you noticed that you’re only really interested in the photos that contain YOU? twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  10. Where am I in this story? twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  11. How can you compete with a billion ideas from customers with no respect for your own? How are you engaging them? twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  12. Are you going to make me famous ? JONES SODA Trend 1: Consumer Generated Marketing twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  13. Are you going to support our community ? THREADLESS Trend 2: Selling community not the product twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  14. Are you going to make me feel important ? @COSME Trend 3: The end of media authority and rise of community expertise twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  15. Are you going to create a movement for me? SCION Trend 4: Movement Marketing twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  16. ROCKCORPS Are you going to give me something to care about ? Trend 5: Selling Social Values to Create Movements twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  17. KIVA Are you going to give me direct access ? Trend 6: Access all Areas – the triumph of transparency twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  18. MYFOOTBALLCLUB Are you going to put me in the driving seat ? Trend 7: Brand Ownership twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  19. REDBULL MUSIC ACADEMY Are you going to help me get where I need to be? Trend 8 : Promoting the Influencers twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  20. APPLE STORE Are you going to teach me something new? Trend 9: Brand Educators twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  21. MARUCHAN CUP RAMEN Are you going to make my opinion count? Trend 10: Consumers are the product development department twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  22. AXE Are you going to give me room to create? Trend 11: Consumer Created Advertising twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  23. RED BULL 1976 GAMES How am I going to remember you after your campaign has ended? Trend 12: Marketing is Creation. Death of Sponsorship twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  24. Break down the walls between product development and marketing Product development = marketing = product development twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  25. Welcome to the future of storytelling twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  26. In the future, storytelling will be about customers not brands twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  27. Jake Nickell, Founder Threadless “ Without our customers we’re nothing. They are the brand” twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  28. “ This is way cool… now I can drink me” Kelly, 17 (Jones Soda Website) twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  29. Are you marketing to or Are you marketing with ? twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  30. Want mobileYouth to present at your company/conference? Click Here twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  31. Graham Brown mobileYouth.org Youth Marketing Mobile Trends Ideation + Research twitter: grahamdbrown [email_address]
  32. For FREE Youth Trends Reports visit: YOUTHTRENDSREPORT.COM