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(GrahamDBrown) 5 Recommended Customer Experience Presentations - download PDF

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(GrahamDBrown) 5 Recommended Customer Experience Presentations - download PDF

  1. 1. grahamdbrown.com http://www.grahamdbrown.com/5-recommended-customer-experience-presentations/ gbrown 5 recommended Customer Experience presentations In last week’s newsletter I linked to an IBM report which said Customer Experience (CX) was both the # 1 concern for companies going forward and also the # 1 differentiator in terms of brand loyalty & preference. For most of us, CX is a relatively new subject area. So here are 5 recommended presentations to help get you up to speed: * How to Increase Loyalty with Customer Experience * Zappos: Customer Experience through Personal Emotional Connections * How to deliver better Customer Experience f or Banks * Customer Service at Every Stage of Growth: How Zappos Delivers Exceptional Customer Experience * Delivering Customer Experience Excellence If you use research in your business, I also recommend these resources: * How to create an amazing experience that drives sales and word of mouth * The Apple Customer Experience: how can brands replicate it? * Youth Buyology: why youth buy