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Comparison–driven Search Analyze Compare EvaluateIdentify The Language of Discovery: Designing Big Data Interactions

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Comparison–driven Search Analyze Compare EvaluateIdentify parts used for same function as candidates for commonization and complexity reduction - Core EngineerReplace a problematic part (from sourcing, cost or technical perspective) with an equivalent or better part withoutcompromising quality and cost. - EngineeringCompare our module set teardowns with competitive teardown information to see if we’re staying competitive for cost,quality and functionality. - EngineeringCompare a leads performance claims with relevant benchmarks to assess the leads claims - Portfolio ManagerSee the difference between what we are spending and what we should be spending to maximize savings (betweenactual PO and should costs). - ProcurementAnalyze & understand gaps between current costs of commodity versus best in class manufacturing costs - CostEstimators

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