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Analysis Screen TypeThe Summary and Analysis screen is designed to support the StrategicInsight (Analyze-Comprehend-Evaluate), and Comparison-drivenSynthesis (Analyze-Compare-Synthesize) mode chains. Each Analysisscreen in the template is focused on one sub-function of the supply chain.This Analysis screen focuses on the forecasts and activity for ‘restocking’of products in retail settings and various stages of the supply chain.On the left side, the Search, Breadcrumb, and Faceted Navigationcomponents allow the user to manage the data that is presented in thetables, charts, and lists to the right, by exploring the underlying informationspace. They also communicate this context to users to keep them oriented.At the top of the screen there is a ‘metric summary’, which follows on fromthe performance indicators identified on the Dashboard, providing visibilityinto the smaller scale measures that determine the status of the supplychain; specifically, the accuracy of forecasts.Below the summary, a group of components presents a visualization anddata grid of a single metric grouped by one or more variables (e.g. quantityby product type) to enable analysis. These ‘metric breakouts’ helpPlanners and Managers comprehend the factors contributing to the statusof each metric. This combination facilitates a wider range of analysismethods than either presentation method supports alone.At the bottom of the template, tables provide lists of the individualtransactions for detailed analysis and evaluation. Strategic Analyze Comprehend Evaluate Insight Planner / Analyst Planning Manager Comparative Analyze Compare Synthesize Synthesis

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