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Dashboard Screen TypeThe Dashboard screen The Language of Discovery: Designing Big Data Interactions

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Dashboard Screen TypeThe Dashboard screen is designed primarily to enable theStrategic Oversight (Monitor-Analyze-Evaluate) chain, bypresenting an overview of the major areas of supply chainactivity. Individual Planners use the Dashboard to Monitorthe accuracy of their own forecasts compared withestablished baselines and targets. Planning Managers usethe Dashboard screen to Monitor the accuracy of all theforecasts made by the Planning team.One pane enables monitoring of each major area of supplychain activity, such as Inventory or Capacity, providingsummaries of the status of processes via KPIs andmeasurements using a component from our library, as wellas a chart presenting historical values of these measures forAnalysis via visualization component.A list of alerts provides a guide to notable changes acrossthe supply chain, allowing Planners and Managers tomonitor, analyze, and evaluate notable events and changesas part of a steady flow of information.The Dashboard enables Planners and Managers to executethe Strategic Oversight chain by following the linked datapoints in charts, metrics and alerts ‘deeper’ into theinformation for analysis. Strategic Monitor Analyze Evaluate OversightPlanner / Analyst Planning Manager

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