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Film classification

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Film classification

  2. 2. THE BBFCThe BBFC is an independent, self-financing media content regulator.They operate transparent, consistent and trusted co-reglatoryclassification and labelling systems in the UK.They aim too, “protect the public, and especially children, fromcontent which might raise harm risks” “empower the public,especially parents, to make informed viewing choices”. They hope todo this with their guidelines and film classification methods, whichensure that only those of a suitable age watch the content theyshould be watching. Below is a website linking to all theirclassification methods.http://www.bbfc.co.uk/classification/guidelines/
  3. 3. MY AGE RESTRICTIONSAfter studying all the age restrictions on the BBFC website I havedecided to make my film a „15‟ rated film. The reasons for this arebecause it will contain some violence due to part of the film beingset in a war scene, but it will mainly focus on the comedy aspectthroughout the film. The trailer for my film will be rated ‟12/ 12A‟ toappeal to a wider range of audience.