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The ABC’s of Autoresponders

How autoresponders can easily help your online marketing

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The ABC’s of Autoresponders

  1. 1. The ABC’s of Autoresponders
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  3. 3. The most important tool for any business? Of course, I’m talking about autoresponders.  Autoresponders allow you to communicate consistently and regularly with your readers  Used to their full potential, they will help you turn visitors into subscribers, subscribers into customers, and customers into evangelists  And this all happens on autopilot!
  4. 4. You just set up a series of emails (an “autoresponder series”) and the software will merrily pump out your messages at a pre-arranged time or with a set frequency (every other day, day 2 three days after day 1, etc.) And that’s it really, simple!
  5. 5. Here’s an example from my Women’s Way To Wealth “Kick Start Your Home Business” autoresponder series
  6. 6. Keep it simple with tried and tested systems  Two of the most popular autoresponders are Aweber and Icontact  I personally use Aweber (have done from day 1) and I love its flexibility  Icontact offers an almost identical service which I find slightly clunkier for set-up and list management, but the email templates are wonderful and allow even the smallest business to send out eye-catching and professional looking emails
  7. 7. Both Aweber and Icontact charge ($19 a month last time I checked, after the $1 trial has finished) so you may like to try the excellent free service from MailChimp If you’re just starting out Mail Chimp has everything you need to get started, and it’s free for the first 2000 subscribers
  8. 8. Getting the most from your autoresponder Whichever system you use, the key to autoresponders is getting your message right There are a number of approaches to take and I would suggest you try all of them All of the autoresponder companies allow you to split test your messages, so you can choose to send message A to one group and message B to another, and see how the responses vary
  9. 9. Then, do more of whichever one works Again, not rocket science but it does take some thought and a bit of work on the front end
  10. 10. The ultimate Autoresponders series? I have always used the approach of asking people to opt-in to my list in exchange for an e-series Make your series as long or short as you like, 5-day, 6-week or 12-step email series Rather than start with a blank piece of paper, which can be quite daunting, I suggest taking an article you’ve written, or an e-book, and split the main points into 4,6 or 12 steps Then make each step or chapter the subject for one day’s email That way, subscribers will eagerly await the next instalment to complete the training or series
  11. 11. Or try this instead? Another option which I’ve used successfully on my blogs is to take a piece of paper and write down 10 reasons why someone should buy from you Have a real brainstorming session and come up with 10 real benefits (not features) for how what you offer will help someone or offer real value If you can, bounce your 10 benefits off a friend or colleague and see if they’re strong selling points
  12. 12. Or try this instead?  Then turn each benefit into a short, pithy, email  Give each one a bold and compelling subject line and hey presto, you have a strong and compelling autoresponder series  Make sure every email contains links to your site, not your homepage every time but to articles and blog posts relevant to the benefit you’re selling
  13. 13. That way, every email your readers receive will give them another reason to visit your site and see first-hand the value you bring Provide enough value and you’ll soon build some serious traffic and your subscribers will take your site viral
  14. 14. An hour’s work for years of benefit So, go and make yourself a coffee and start scribbling down ideas and benefits on a piece of paper If the list evolves over time, just add another email to the autoresponder series Your readers will love it if you’re providing real value Once the series is set-up you can move on to other things and let the autoresponder system do the work It will keep pumping out your emails forever and many people make money on autopilot from having a great autoresponder series
  15. 15. Take your autoresponder series to the next level If you want to take things up a level you can look at including affiliate links in your autoresponder messages That way you can make money from early on, even as you build your traffic
  16. 16. However, make sure you include useful information and not just a series of sales emails That will kill your traffic faster than anything
  17. 17. Another option is to create a longer- term series by providing a regular newsletter
  18. 18. This is a major commitment though so don’t start it unless you’re absolutely committed to it, and sure you can continue with it for the long-term Otherwise, again, you can lose credibility if you promise your readers something and fail to deliver
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  20. 20. MMSpark.com Resources…. Freebies & Guides 12 Top Social Media Tips Mmspark.com/mmfreebie Information packed webinars http://mmspark.com/webinars/