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Integrating web applications into a LMS

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A basic overview and discussion on using LTI to integrate 3rd party web applications into a Learning Management System.

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Integrating web applications into a LMS

  1. 1. ! LTI want access to that in my course site Morgon Haskell
  2. 2. Its primary purpose is to connect learning systems such as a Learning Management System (LMS) with external service tools in a standard way across learning systems.LTI Learning Tools Interoperability
  3. 3. Education needs a to leverage the power of a common architecture built on open, community-governed standards that allow an institution to quickly and easily customize their EdTech environment, thus creating an EdTech ecosystem that enables and supports creativity. Such a platform would reduce investment on repetitive integrations, lower barriers to entry and focus investment on educational innovation. https://www.imsglobal.org/initiative/ecosystem-learning-platforms-apps-and-tools
  4. 4. LTI Consumer: Learning Management System (LMS). The LTI Consumer provides user information and context to the LTI Tool Provider. Additionally the LTI Consumer provides authentication vouching for the user to the LTI Tool Provider.
  5. 5. LTI Tool Provider: This is providing the service to the LTI Consumer. This can be on-premises software or a service that is hosted outside the LTI Consumer. http://www.imsglobal.org/cc/statuschart.cfm
  6. 6. Register new users on-the-fly when they first launch application from within the LMS.
  7. 7. Tools typically rely solely on the data being passed, which can include the user's role(s) within the course (context) from which they have launched PID
  8. 8. Shibboleth attribute eduPersonUniqueId LTI attribute authIdentifier Scoped = @unc.edu
  9. 9. How do you integrate external web applications in your LMS?
  10. 10. What about local or guest accounts in a LMS? Sakai allows guest accounts in sites, and those users do not have PIDs.
  11. 11. How flexible is the learning management system in providing instructors with the autonomy to integrate external web apps
  12. 12. Is the LTI protocol the way to extend the LMS?
  13. 13. All the images came from https://thenounproject.com