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Reunión Miembros MMA Argentina

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Reunión Miembros MMA Argentina

  1. 1. Marco  Galvan,  GSMA
  2. 2. Lines  Between  Mobile  Web  And  Apps  Will  Start  Blurring • Consumers  will  continue  to  spend  their  time  in  fewer  apps,  turning  their  attention   especially  to  messaging  apps  that  will  progressively  become  application  ecosystems  on   their  own.   • However,  the  gap  between  mobile  Web  and  app  experiences  will  slowly  start  shrinking   and  it  will  be  easier  to  move  between  these  environments. Mobile  Will  Enable  Brand  Innovation  With  Artificial  Intelligence,  Virtual  Reality,  And   IoT • Artificial  intelligence  (AI),  virtual  reality  (VR),  and  the  Internet  of  Things  (IoT)  are  key   technologies  going  way  beyond  the  mobile  space.  In  2016,  smartphones  will  activate   them  and  enable  B2C  marketers  to  innovate.   Trends
  3. 3. Few  apps  will  get  most  of  users’  time,  and  messaging  apps  will  morph  into  platforms. • On  average,  Uk and  US  consumers  use  an  average  of  about  25  apps  per  month.  However,  the  average   smartphone  owner  spends  more  than  88%  of  his  time  on  just    ve downloaded  apps  (see  Figure • When  observing  the  distribution  of  all  US  and  Uk smartphone  minutes  spent  on  apps  in  each  market,   messaging  and  social  media  apps  make  up  a  sizable  chunk  of  all  the  app  time  spent  on  smartphones   — not  gaming,  as  is  commonly  assumed   • Messaging  apps  like  WeChat  or  Facebook  Messenger  will  increasingly  morph  into  marketing  and   commerce  platforms  and  emerge  as  alternative  ecosystems  to  Android  and  iOS  as  brands  look  to  serve   existing  customers  in  context  and  developers    ock to  platforms  with  large  audiences. Action  for  marketers • Create  a  strategy  for  “borrowing”  mobile  moments.   • In  2017,  smart  marketers  will  borrow  their  way  to  customers’  home  screens  by  partnering  with  one  of   the  small  number  of  apps  that  command  the  majority  of  consumers’  mobile  prime  time.   • Don’t  just  think  media  buys,  but  embed  your  services  in  other  apps  like  hotel  group  AccorHotels is  doing   by  seamlessly  integrating  Uber’s  car  sharing  service  in  its  customers’  journeys.   • For  example,  if  you  are  a  global  brand  investing  in  China,  you  must  deeply  understand  the  WeChat   phenomenon  and  how  it  can  be  used  to  reinvent  consumer  relationships  and  a  social  CRM  platform. Trends
  4. 4. $44BUSD Analysts Forecast for Messaging as a Platform by 20201 Proprietary + Confidential Sources: 1) Pacific Crest Securities, “Messaging is a $44B Annual Rev Opportunity.” Ben Wilson, April 29, 2016. 2) TechCrunch, “Forget Apps, Now The Bots Take Over.” September 29, 2015. 2 Messaging is the Platform
  5. 5. § MaaP enables communications services between third- party businesses such as applications, content and service providers and consumers. § MaaP provides an interactive way of connecting directly with customers, offering a similar experience to conversing with a human agent or employee from a service-based organization. § Operator messaging is particularly well placed to play a role in MaaP as operators have a pre-existing relationship with customers based on secure identity and billing information. § According to Messaging Ecosystem Forum’s (MEF) messaging report, 65% of consumers communicate with businesses on chat apps; increasing to 76% globally via SMS with 5% CAGR expected. 6 MaaP:  Business  opportunity  and  customer   relevance
  6. 6. AUTOMATION is next frontier Intelligent   Devices Robotics In  the  Home Drone   Delivery Driverless   Cars
  7. 7. Explosion in AI USES Artificial  Intelligence Personal   Assistants Speech,  Image   and  Video   RecognitionRobotics Logistics Virtual  Augmented   Reality,  Computer  VisionGaming Machine Learning Surgery  and   Healthcare Contextual  and   Recommendations
  8. 8. GROWTH IN AI INVESTMENT… Opening a door to the post-smartphone era AI  to  drive   engagement AI  cloud  to  replace   devices Integrating  AI   seamlessly AI-­centric   strategy Key  playersIn  last  year Source:  GSMA,  CB  Insights Key  Impact CVC  M&A Role  of  computing:   on  device,  in  cloud Distributed  network   opportunity Value  in  exploitation  of   data/attributes  IoT IoT complexity   unresolved Battleground  for   access  to  identity +53%   yoy Venture  Capital $2.3bn “Last  10  years  were  about   building  a  mobile-­first  world,   next  10  years,  is  towards  a   world  that  is  AI-­first” – Sundar Pitchai
  9. 9. 10 20202018 AI  enabled Age  of  automation  and  the  connected  life  Age  of  digital  transformation   2012 2016 Cortana Whatsapp Wechat IBM  Watson Facebook  MApple  Siri Google  Now 2014 ... AND AI STARTUPS Opening a door to the post-smartphone era
  10. 10. Artificial Intelligence is the key transformational technology AI plus cloud is opening a door to the post-smartphone, post-app era AI  to  drive   engagement AI  cloud  to  replace   devices Integrating  AI   seamlessly AI-­centric   strategy Key  playersIn  last  yearKey  Insights “Last  10  years  were   about  building  a  mobile-­ first  world,  next  10   years,  is  towards  a   world  that  is  AI-­first” Role  of  computing:   on  device,  in  cloud Distributed  network   opportunity Value  in  exploitation  of   data/attributes IoT complexity   unresolved Empowers  probabilistic   identity  models   709  deals Venture  Capital $4.2bn
  11. 11. Artificial Intelligence Venture capital and M&A reach unprecedented levels Venture  Capital  is  Fuelling  Transition  to  Automation Major  Players  on  an  M&A  Spree AI  enabled Age  of   automationAge  of  digital  transformation   2012 2016 Cortana Whatsapp Wechat IBM   Watson Facebook  MApple  Siri Google  Now 2014 2012 201620152013 2014 Age  of   automation Age  of  digital   transformation   AI  enabled
  12. 12. Conversational platforms are key to the post-app economy Voice as a new interface in the human-machine interaction Siri October   2011 Cortana April   2014 M August   2015   (beta) Google   Assistant August   2015  (beta) Echo Tap Echo  Dot June  2015 March  2016 Aldebaran   Robotics   and  SoftBank June 2015   • Using  voice  as  an  interface  liberates  users  from  the  constraints  of  screens • Voice  interfaces  can  be  a  ‘dumb’  terminal,  with  connectivity  allowing  users  to  access  intelligence  in  the  cloud Tapia May   2016
  13. 13. Video-ification of the Internet is happening Moving towards a video-first Internet world Video-­‐first strategy Advertising  (high consumer  engagement) Education/training Healthcare Entertainment Commerce Smart  cameras   VR/AR High-­‐speed   networks Deep  dive  in  the  January  2017  Radar  report We  see  a  world  where  video  is  first,   with  video  at  the  heart  of all  of  our  apps  and  services. Within  five  years  or  so, most  of  what  people  consume online  will  be  video,  subsuming  words   and  photographs. Mark  Zuckerberg Enablers Emerging use  cases
  14. 14. Preparing for the NEW WAVE Prepare  for  AI  and   Automation Horizontal   Approach Product?  or   Platform? Focus  on  future   consumer  needs Understand  your   control  points
  15. 15. Sources: Active Users: 1) Analysys Mason (2015), 2) Radicati Group (2014), 3) Statista (2016), 4) Nexmo (2015). Worldwide Communication Platforms Ranked by Active Users (Millions) Carriers still have the Largest Platfrom
  16. 16. TODAY FUTURE Branding: name, logo Rich card Suggested replies Analytics for business A2P
  17. 17. A2P SMS is the world’s most successful bot platform. Forecasted 2.21 trillion A2P SMS messages in 2017 (31% of all SMS traffic). Bank: suspicious transaction alert Airline: boarding pass A2P SMS Proprietary + Confidential
  18. 18. ● Welcome Users ● Send Alerts ● Customer Care ● Sell Services Proprietary + Confidential MyTelco BOT
  19. 19. 20 Wide  Industry  Support OPERATORS  who  have  Launched  RCS   29 Launched  Operators   Albania  Telekom  Albania  (OTE),Albania  Vodafone,  Canada  Rogers,  Czech  Republic  Vodafone,  Greece  Vodafone,   Greece    Cosmote Hungary  Vodafone,  India  Reliance  Jio,  Indonesia  XL  (Axiata),Ireland  Vodafone,  Italy   Vodafone,  Korea  KT,  SK  Telecom,  LGU+;    Malta  Vodafone,  Netherlands  Vodafone,  New  Zealand  Vodafone,   Portugal  Vodafone,  Romania  Orange,  Romania  Telekom,  Vodafone  Romania,  Orange  Slovakia,  Slovakia   Telekom;    MTS,    SingTel,  Vodafone  Turkey,  Vodafone  United  Kingdom  AT&T,  T  Mobile  USA,  Sprint     The  Universal  Profile  is  a   GSMA  led  initiative  backed   by  60  global  operators,   manufacturers  and  OS  providers IP  COMMUNICATIONS  LAUNCHES INTERCONNECTIONS Operators  planning    to  launch  RCS  in  2017   Argentina:  Claro;    Australia:  Optus,  Telstra;  Canada:  Telus,    Bell  (BCE),  China  Mobile  (already  in  soft  launch),;   Colombia:  Claro;  Softbank;    Mexico:  Telcel;  Norway:  Telia,    Telenor,  Ice;  Netherlands:  KPN;    Peru:  Claro;   Philippines:  Globe;  Russia:  Vimpelcom;  Sweden:  Telia,  Telenor,  Three,  UAE:  Etisalat;   23
  20. 20. OS   PROVIDERS 21 Partner  Engagement  and  Roadmap HANDSET   MANUFACTURERS The  majority  of  Android  OEMs  are  shipping   with  Android  Messages  natively:  LG,  Motorola,   Sony,  HTC,  ZTE,  Micromax,  HMD/  Nokia,   Archos,  BQ,  Cherry  Mobile,  Condor,  Fly,   General  Mobile,  Lanix,  LeEco,  Lava,  Kyocera,   MyPhone,  QMobile,  Symphony,  Wiko Samsung exclusively  uses  its  own  RCS   Universal  Profile  client,  which  will  be  native  in   all  Samsung  devices  form  mid-­‐2017.  In  testing   (Mexico  and  Slovakia)  it  interoperates  with   Google  hosted  platform  and  clients.   Huawei,  Vivo  and  Oppo assessing  options   before  deciding  on  path Android Messages  (RCS  and  SMS  client)   now  ships  with  the  Android  software  to  all   Android  OEMs   Android  P-­‐release  (2018)  will  introduce  RCS   APIs  to  the  Android  API  library  enabling   single  IMS  registration  and  more  OEM   control  of  RCS  UI   Microsoft committed  at  MWC  to  continue   to  support  RCS  when  they  re-­‐enter  handset   OS  market. Apple  meetings  have  intensified:  Verizon  /   other  major  MNO  requests    for  RCS   support,  plus  poor  UX  on  SMS  fall-­‐back  may   yield  results  in  2018 NETWORK  PROVIDERS All  on-­premises  and  hosted  vendors  are   committed  to  Universal  Profile   Google  are  deploying  Universal  Profile   to  their  platform  in  releases ZTE  provide  hosted  system  for  China   Mobile  and  China  Telecom  (China  pre-­ Universal  profile)    and  are  currently     awaiting  accreditation  for  Universal   Profile  (mid  2017)     Samsung  will  launch  hosted  service   (NewPace acquisition)  in  June  2017 Other  vendors  of    on-­premises   equipment  are  WIT,  Ericsson,  Huawei,   Mavenir. See  All  IP  business  guide  for  full  details
  21. 21. § Eroded P2P messaging revenues have been supplanted by A2P (application to person) SMS services which continue to see strong growth and are seen as precursor to Messaging as a Platform § Application–to-Person (A2P) services, are being upgraded by adding richer message functionality via RCS and a diverse and more flexible range of functions that can be taken over by Chatbots. Chatbots will grow as functionality improves. § A2P SMS provides operators with an opportunity to migrate their SMS traffic to enriched RCS based messaging and then further into Chatbots. This is a huge market -The global A2P share of SMS traffic has nearly doubled in the last five years from 11.7 per cent in 2010 up to 22 per cent in 2015 and over. 22 Messaging  as  a  Platform:  Opportunity GSMA  forecast  for   Messaging  as  a  Platform   by  2021 $74bn  USD Messaging  is  transforming  to  a   personal  assistant Removes  the  barrier  of  another   app  to  download 2  http://www.mobilesquared.co.uk/blog/  mobilesquareds-­‐latest-­‐databook-­‐says-­‐mobileoperators-­‐key-­‐to-­‐unlocking-­‐massive-­‐a2p-­‐messagingopportunity/
  22. 22. Age  of   industrialisation   (offline,  physical  world) Age  of   digital  transformation   (internet,  information   and  digital  services) Age  of   automation   (Artificial  Intelligence,   machine  learning,   Internet  of  Things) Entering the age of AUTOMATION …1970 1980 2000 2020 2030…1990 2010
  23. 23. FIVE MEGATRENDS driving this transformation Geographic  shift   in  growth  and   innovation Internet  =  mobile Platform   economy Shift  to  open  – access  and   networks Device  ubiquity Artificial  Intelligence  – a  catalyst  that  will  accelerate  the  pace   of  these  trends
  24. 24. GEOGRAPHICAL SHIFT to emerging markets Top  10  countries  in  terms  of  projected  NEW  mobile  subscribers,  2015-­‐20   Note:  the  size  of  the  stacked  bar  equals  the  total  number  of  unique  mobile  subscribers  in  a  country  by  2020  (e.g.  India  =  864m)   Source:  GSMA  Intelligence,  IMF 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400Million Mobile  subscribers  (2015) New  mobile  subscribers  (2015-­‐20)
  25. 25. 0 1 2 3 4 5 Billion  People  Online 1995 2000 2014 2020 Internet = MOBILE Mobile  Internet  Users Smartphones Source:  GSMA,  a16z Smartphones  =  installed  base,  not  unique  users 0.2bn 0.4bn 2.9bn 4.7bn 5.7bn 2.0bn
  26. 26. Connected device EXPLOSION COMING Connected  devices  worldwide 0 5.000 10.000 15.000 20.000 25.000 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Installed  base  (million) Source:  GSMA  Intelligence,  Cisco,  Forrester,  Analysys Mason,  Machina,  Gartner Smartphone Tablet PC Wearables IoT – cellular IoT – non-­‐cellular
  27. 27. Rise of PLATFORM ECONOMY ‘Platform beats product’ 1M  DEVELOPERS1BN  USERS Anchor:  messaging Ecommerce Games  &  Media Advertising Horizontal  Platform LOCAL  MONOPOLY  -­‐ GLOBAL  MARKET  FRAGMENTATION NOT  ALL  PLATFORMS  ARE  THE  SAME!
  28. 28. Rise of PLATFORM ECONOMY ‘Platform beats product’ 650K  HOME  OWNERS 100M  TRAVELLERS Match  supply  /  demand Safety  checks Billing  engine GLOBAL  MONOPOLY  – LOCAL  CHALLENGES HOUSE APARTMENT OTHERS NOT  ALL  PLATFORMS  ARE  THE  SAME!
  30. 30. PLATFORMS are reshaping many industries Verticals HOTELS TRANSPORT COMMS ENERGY FOOD   DELIVERY taxis sms &   voice restaurants energy   companies hotels FOOD   PRODUCTION   HEALTH EDUCATION INDUSTRY INFORMATION farms doctors universities libraries factories
  31. 31. HORIZONTAL PLATFORMS consolidates value Moving  from  Sector  Specific  platforms  to  Horizontal  platforms  creating  two  sided  digital  marketplaces VERTICAL  PLATFORMS HORIZONTAL  PLATFORMS Device management Storage Discovery Aggregation Harmonisation Security Analytics Devices Connectivity Services Taxi,  Logistics,  Food,  Health Mapping,  Routing  Algorithm App,  Driver  Platform ’Full  Stack’  tech Device/Service  API
  32. 32. New PLATFORMS are coming Voice,  Car,  Virtual  Reality: Autonomous  cars,  platform  for  entertainment,  distribution,  work CAR Immersive  content  becomes  next  communications  platform   AI  driven  interface  between  man  and  machines VOICE VR
  33. 33. 34 ALTERNATIVE NETWORKS Open, alternative connectivity on the rise Mesh  networks  for  internet  sharing People  powered  networks Open  Garden Disrupting  legacy  infrastructure Cheaper  to  scale Facebook  TIP New  wholesalers  for  network  access Alternative  Access Google  Loon
  34. 34. 35 Achieved  Accuracy • Resolved  network  problems • Enhanced  operational  control • Constant  over  country  coverage Capacity  Reseller • Licence  as  MVNO • Wholesale  capacity  to  MNO   • Last  mile  access “Significant  progress  in  Loon   over  the  past  year.  Loon  could   provide  connectivity  “200x   cheaper  than  traditional   towers”  – suitable  for  low-­‐ density  rural  areas” -­ Google  X   Project  Loon Google  has  matured  the  Loon  solution  to  position  it  as  a  MVNO  last  mile   access  provider  that  will  lease  capacity  back  to  MNOs.   GOOGLE: LOON Connectivity that is “200x cheaper than traditional towers”
  35. 35. RealityPublic  Message “Aims  to  improve  network   performance  and  reduce  costs  in   an  open  collaboration   methodology,  seeks  to  deploy  new   ideas  efficiently  at  large  scale.” -­Facebook   Telecoms  Infra  Project Improve  network   performance Reduce  costs Open   collaboration Deploy  ideas   at  large  scale 1 2 3 4 Commoditisation,   disrupting  legacy   backhaul,  access,  core Use  open  source   to  scale  faster Holistic  approach   to  cost  efficiency …  not  just  about   emerging  markets 1 2 3 4 FACEBOOK: TELECOM INFRA PROJECT Open sourcing to innovate the backhaul, access and core
  36. 36. “P2P data can move through the network without using spectrum, and at no cost. The phone becomes an end point and the impact on battery is negligible. 250m endpoints by 2017” -­OpenGarden CEO Connects   smartphones  and   lets  users  share   data  without   net  access Data  hops  from   one  device  to   another  until  it   reaches  an   internet  endpoint   Powered  by   developers,   MeshKit connects  apps   of  different  types Poor  coverage   areas,  but   density  enables   data  rich  services 3G  /4G FEMTOCELL Partner  WIFI  network Open  Garden  WIFI   community OPENGARDEN Unbundling spectrum via mesh and Wi-Fi networks
  37. 37. Next wave of INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION moves from digital transformation to automation ENABLERS …1970 1980 2000 2020 2030…1990 2010 Age  of  industrialisation Age  of  digital  transformation Age  of  automation Connectivity Cloud Computing  power Analytics Artificial  intelligence  (AI) Software Smart  phones/devices
  38. 38. Impact of automation is SIGNIFICANT Reshaping   industries,   emerging  new   players Change  in  way   services  are   delivered  and   consumed Challenge  to  jobs   through   automation Speed  of  change   likely  to  be   exponential Changing  role  of   government  when   information  is   ubiquitous Requirement  for   new  regulation Significant   reduction  in  hard   assets? Consumer  trust  in   automation?
  39. 39. Megatrends Ten megatrends were discussed by the community throughout 2017… Communications Unbundling Software  Defined   Infrastructure Alternative   Networks   1 2 3 Business  Models Customer   Experience   Platforms Security  &   Privacy   4 5 6 Products  and  Services Data  Analytics &  AI   IoT Devices Digital  Trust   Virtual  Reality 7 8 9 10
  40. 40. The ecosystem is evolving to platform-first approach The march to 1 billion users is getting shorter… Windows Office Search Gmail Maps YouTube Android Chrome Play Facebook Groups WhatsApp ‘86 ‘88 ‘90 ‘92 ‘94 ‘86 ‘96 ‘00 ‘02 ‘04 ‘06 ‘08 ‘10 ‘12 ‘14 ‘16 Time (Years) 25.8 21.7 12.0 11.8 7.3 8.1 5.8 6.7 6.9 8.7 11.3 6.8 …and  platforms  drive  faster   consumer  adoption  and   exponential  business  growth WeChat 6/7 Source:  GSMA,  Visual  Capitalist  
  41. 41. Two sided digital marketplaces are now driving value capture and consolidation Device  management Analytics Devices Connectivity Services + Vertical  Platforms Horizontal  Platforms Storage Discovery Aggregation Harmonisation Security
  42. 42. Platforms are disrupt multiple industries New use cases and players emerge Use  Cases  and  Players FINANCIAL   SERVICES HEALTH EDUCATION INDUSTRY INFORMATION money/   payment doctors universities libraries factories HOTELS TRANSPORT COMMS ENERGY FOOD   DELIVERY taxis sms &   voice restaurants energy   companies hotels $
  43. 43. Marco  Galvan mgalvan@gsma.com Thank you Contact