Social Media New Technology New Audiences New Engagement

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1 de Oct de 2009

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Social Media New Technology New Audiences New Engagement

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  2. Video
  3. Purpose of the event  Discuss the latest trends in social media and advertising  Show case studies and examples of social media campaigns
  4. Agenda Time Topic Speaker 2:50pm – 3:00pm Welcome Notes Markus von der Luehe (MD Adknowledge Australia) 3:00pm – 3:20pm The state of advertising in Anne Parsons (Chairman Australia Mediacom) 3:20pm – 3:40pm Seeing the Wood AND the Trees Mark Higginson (Director of – the social media landscape Analytics, Nielsen) 3:40pm – 3:55pm Chk Chk Boom: 15 seconds of Brett Brewer/ Clare Werbeloff Fame – The Aftermath 3:55pm – 4:10pm Break 4:10pm – 4:30pm Get Real: Virtual Currency and Brett Brewer (President Monetizing Social Media Adknowledge, Co-Founder Intermix (MySpace) 4:30pm – 4:50pm Digital Influence 501: What are Brian Giesen (Director Digital the Next Trends and Hot Cases in Strategy, Ogilvy) Social Media 4:50pm – 5:10pm New Technology, New Jennifer Wilson (Director, The Audiences, New Engagement Project Factory) 5:10pm – 5:25pm Wrap up & Questions 5:25pm onwards Drinks and Canapés
  5. Introducing Adknowledge  Adknowledge is a ½ billion technology business and has 300 employees across 8 offices worldwide  We are an AdNetwork for Social Media selling advertising on applications across Facebook, Myspace, Hi5 and other social media sites  In Australia we have almost 4 million uniques and ½ billion impressions  Our focus is on brand, video and engagement  We have done 5 acquisitions in the last two years: the most recent was SuperRewards  Adknowledge Brett Brewer, co-founder of Intermix (MySpace), engineered the sale of MySpace to News Corp for $673m
  6. A Paradigm shift?
  7. Marketing and Branding will change… Panasonic completed a campaign called the Next Generation Talent competition, which asked UK students to design the next ad for the Panasonic Viera Home Hub television.
  8. Crowdsourcing is like Tom Sawyer asking his friends to paint the fence
  9. And so will Product Development… Forty percent of consumer community members offer suggestions that solve urgent problems Fifteen percent of those suggestions are considered to be a completely new product
  10. And political campaigns… 5,000,000 The number of active Obama supporters across 15 social networks
  11. It works as a distribution channel too… A number of organizations are starting to get their brand advocates to sell their products
  12. So what does this all mean for advertisers?
  13. In the US: Advertisers are following the eyeballs Facebook, 43.70% MySpace Sites , 48.90% Tagged, Other, 3.16% 2.68% Bebo , 0.71% MocoSpace, Hi5, 0.75% 0.81% Social Networking sites account for 20% of display impressions
  14. 56% % of advertisers who plan to include social media in their marketing plan in 2010 • Email, (56.8%) • Direct mail (34.7%) • Social networks (56.3%) • Regional TV (32.8%) • Keyword search (49.7%) • Regional newspapers (31.7%) • Radio (42.2%) • Out-of-home (31.2%) • Magazines (42.1%) • Email sponsorship (29.5%) • Online display (40.5%) • Online video (26.7%) • Event sponsorship (36.9%) • Mobile SMS text (26.1%) • Rich media display (35.5%) • National TV (18.2%) • National newspapers (14.8%) * MediaPost
  15. Case Study 1: Carl’s Jr.  Carl’s JR. selected the top 10 Youtubers in the US to do a video commercial for their new Mushroom burger
  16. 3.3 million views within two weeks
  17. Case Study 2: Gap - Fanpage Retail info and product range Fans to Date 420,000 Entertaining video from ‘fit engineer’ + more Social Media Engaging content strategy replaced TV and reason to fwd spend and return Links to other social media – brand extension App to choose outfit prior to visit
  18. Case Study 3: Bonds
  19. Video Application – Cost Per View/ CPM 1. Millions of Text Links and Streaming Banners to encourage users to engage with your branded content CPM CPV 2. After reaching the millions of users via the branded banners and we also guarantee engaged views within the customised branded application environment via text ads
  20. Social TV: Cost per engagement 3. Once viewed the user can then interact with the application, click to website for more info, find out more on the deals, recommend to their friends, and also rate the video content. This is when the viral element kicks in. Rate Video Recommend to Friends
  21. Video Application – Cost Per View News feed is updated for all of users friends Charged per engagement Broad reach and deep engagement Average engagement time: 2 minutes
  22. How can brands effectively tell their story in social media? It must be entertaining! That is why the users are there. Brands must seamlessly integrate with the story or purpose of the media; Brand message gets through, but doesn’t whack them on the head What’s in it for me? - Reward them for their action 22