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Using the NMR for do Decision in E&P Project Development considering various applications in Green or Brown Fields

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Strategy for the use of the NMR
In the current context, the NMR represents a productive, large-scale and strategic tool for a major E & P, because its infinite possibilities allow to take back the hand in the war between majors E & P which is in progress.

1. NMR and the Refurbish Brown Field (RBF)
Like Sun Tzu says "If you don't know your opponent or yourself, in every battle you will be defeated.
1.1. Old fields in full ownership of the E & P
Instead of relying on new projects, it would be more interesting to rework Brown Fields by doing a new seismic but by an NMR system of the reservoir in production. Thanks to the NMR (NMR stage 1 and stage 2), even if it is in production one can make this new photo of the deposit without stopping it. This deposit produces what it produces but after a refurbish work on the tank and the asset in general (see redoing new wells) we can increase the production without having to go through a green field process. The Shutdown will be limited in time see, there will be no Shutdown to set up the new configuration
1.2. Fields to be bought
A major E & P may be required to buy another oil company asset that is in one of the following situations:
- Sale of a field with proven reserves, but we can check for cheap (stage 1 NMR) before signing and see if in fact the field is not bigger with other additional reserves without saying anything to the seller.
- Sale of Brown Fields for cessation of activities or fallbacks, Stage 1 and then Stage 2 NMR for refurbish.
- Redeeming dead wells and relaunching them, there are technologies of the former Soviet block that come from military applications diverted to resurrect the dead.

2. New blocks or Green Field Development (GFD)
- If the trend is to go to develop a new block, you can make a seismic stage 1 to know roughly where are the tanks on the block auctioned. This is a quick and inexpensive method because we quickly know if it is a viable project or not.
- We can check all the blocks that are in a round of bidding to choose the best and easiest to do in terms of technical difficulties for production. We will avoid the "Kachagan" effect or the "EPR syndrome".
- For example, after 4 drilling campaigns in Namibia in which I took part (Sintezneftgas, Chariot, HRT and Repsol) nothing was found, the tectonic theory with interlocking continents does not work. A good NMR would have been useful not to spend what was spent in terms of 4 projects. We started a NMR study started in Namibia but to look for very deep water reservoirs, Namibia is a desert with perhaps Offshore Oil!

3. Information about colleagues E & P
Before associating with a colleague one can proceed to a collection of general information on his assets before signing for a project, a JV and know what he really is as a partner, what he actually brings in Bpd currently but with a vision on the future of its tanks.

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