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Shane Designs

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Product Design Portfolio by Shane Morales

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Shane Designs

  1. 1. Product Design & Development PORTFOLIO
  2. 2. I am an entrepreneurship minor in Product Design & Development student in Miriam College who design products with aspiration and purpose. My projects are inspired by my keen observations around me and also my everyday life. I am co-owner of SwitchStitch Enterprise and the designer of the business as well. As a product design & development student, being assertive in my aesthetics as a designer is the key for a quality, well-designed products. THE DESIGNER: Shane Morales
  3. 3. ET122 A Basic Product Design & Development BAG COLLECTION
  4. 4. Wander Travel Bags is a collection of modern gadget bags made for traveling. Instead of the usual cotton material for the bags, I used leatherette material for the exterior and cotton for the interior. It is fashionably looking and fit for today's trend.
  5. 5. DIGICAM bag
  6. 6. LAPTOP bag
  7. 7. DSLR bag
  8. 8. ET122 B Basic Product Design & Development ACCESSORIES COLLECTION
  9. 9. Shane Morales Accessories, a collection of accessories made out of felt cloth, beads, paper and recycled material (old sunglasses frames). The four collections is inspired by different occasion that you can wear a certain accessories. From formal events, casual hangouts, corporate meetings and etc.
  10. 10. ET123 A Advanced Product Design & Development SOLIDS, SHAPES, TIMELINE, PAPER TOY, PILLOW PACKAGING & LAMP
  11. 11. INFOGRAPHIC Timeline This shows my past experiences, present challenges & future goals. for the next folio: turn it clockwise
  12. 12. INFOGRAPHIC Timeline
  14. 14. 80 gsm // 30 square-shaped construction paper RHOMBIDODECAHEDRON
  15. 15. 80 gsm // 20 square-shaped construction paper ICOSIDODECAHEDRON
  17. 17. LAMP Great Gatsby Theme
  18. 18. PLASTIC Solids Acetate as a medium and built it without using adhesives.
  19. 19. PILLOW BOX Packaging Salted Dried Prunes
  20. 20. Ma. Kristel Shane E. Morales mks.morales@yahoo.com +639068526153