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Ingenex digital marketing services

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Ingenex digital marketing services

  1. 1. Services to capitalize Social Media Marketing Website Design Google Analytics Pay-per-click Advertising Blog Monitoring
  2. 2. Key Performance Indicator Number of new clients gained by Ingenex Size of new clients
  3. 3. Main Promotional Tactic Ingenex should focus on gaining a few large corporations as clients Create personalized presentations for major companies in the hope of landing a few big clients
  4. 4. Tools To Implement Strategy Focus on social media sites Advertising plans for Twitter and Facebook Customized advertising plans for each potential client
  5. 5. Example Strategy Adidas Twitter campaign to market new shoes Promotion designed to increase product awareness on social media sites
  6. 6. Budget for Client Presentations A team will be required to work on each presentation Assuming an average hourly wage of $25 and a 25 hour work period 5 presentations would cost $15,625 Allocating $10,000 for travel expenses, miscellaneous costs, scheduling meetings/lunches
  7. 7. Budget for Smaller ScaleAdvertising Advertising will be done based on pay per click with the goal of targeting smaller clients Maximum cost per click set at $0.50 Up to 50,000 clicks for a maximum of $25,000
  8. 8. Final Budget Total cost of $50,625 Can be altered based on how long Ingenex would like to continue the strategy Possibility of very high revenue for a simple and low budget
  9. 9. Summary Main focus will be to gain a few large corporations as clients Helping large corporations promote on social media and receive feedback by monitoring blogs for them Continue to seek small scale clients for other services such as web design Quick strategy will cost a little over $50,000