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Discovery learning

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Discovery learning

  1. 1. Discovery LearningTraining led by: Missy Halcott October 5, 2010
  2. 2. What is Discovery Education?• Web-based digital video-based learning resource – Over 10,000 full-length videos – Over 75,000 video segments• Classroom Tools/Resources – Assignment/Quiz/Writing Prompt Builder – Sound Effects – Etc.
  3. 3. District Expectations and Policies1) No full length videos2) Obey all copyright laws3) Save downloaded material to the J: drive4) No Streaming materials during the day5) Downloading will take place only before and after school hours  Prior to 7:30 am  After 3:30 pm
  4. 4. Report to the following site:http://my.discoveryeducation.com/
  5. 5. How to Log In:WYT_(network user name) Example: WYT_mkhalcottPassword: video101
  6. 6. How to Search1) Keyword search A. Boolean: ex “Grimm’s Fairy Tales” B. Searches title and description of videos2) Advance search3) Adding/Deleting Filters4) Limiting results displayed5) Roll over title of video
  7. 7. When I find video I like:• Add to My Content• Creating Folders in My Content – Helps organize clips – By subject – This is the “shopping cart”
  8. 8. Downloading Clips:• Not after 7:30 am (this includes streaming)• Not before 3:30 pm• File Format: Windows media recommended• RIGHT CLICK on download icon• Select: save target as• Then save to J drive• Discovery Education file folder