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Salgueiro Maia

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Joel, Luis, Henrique, Pedro and Ricardo (11B) researched about this Portuguese Freedom hero.
Result of a classroom challenge: make a state advertising campaign about some of the class’s freedom heroes. One of the aims was to bring our spirit up in a time of difficulties. As our heroes, we should never give up.

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Salgueiro Maia

  1. 1. Salgueiro Maia (1944-1992) "There are three kinds of states: capitalist states, socialist states, and the state were in." Born July 1, 1944 in Castelo de Vide Tired of seeing dictatorship ruining people’s life and dreams, he took action. Being a captain in the Portuguese army, Joel Gonçalves along with other officers, he planned and Luís Flores executed the Carnation Revolution Ricardo Peres (Revolução dos Cravos) Henrique Bernardo On 25th April 1974, his dream was Pedro Silva accomplished: people’s freedom. 11ºB For his courage, his will for freedom and the passion for the Portuguese people, he was a true comrade of freedom.