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Evento Startup Essential Barcelona

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Evento Startup Essential Barcelona

  1. 1. Bienvenidos ! Benvinguts ! Manuel JAFFRIN Web Industry Business Development Manager EMEA 1
  2. 2. Agenda • 17h45-18h00 - Registro & Cafe • 18h00 - 18h10 Bienvenida • 18h10 - 18h30 Visión de Sun Innovación tecnologica en tiempos de crisis - Josep Figols, Dir. Sun Barcelona • 18h30 - 19h00 Sun Startup Essential: Programa para Emprendedores - Manuel Jaffrin, Dir Business Development Web Industry • 19h00 - 19h20 Scale your startup ! Consejos para una infraestructura escalable - Cesar Lacorte Mainmemory • 19h20 - 19h45 Compartir experiencias > Abiquo - Xavier Fernandez Co Founder > eDreams - Pablo Vega CTO • 19h45 - 20h30 Networking y Copa de cava
  3. 3. Innovación tecnológica en tiempos de crisis Josep Fígols Director oficina Barcelona Sun Microsystems Ibèrica, S.A. Sun Startup Essential Event, Gild International, 31 de marzo de 2009
  4. 4. La banca hunde la bolsa, que sufre su tercera peor caída del año CIBERATAQUE MASIVO La crisis provoca el aumento INOXCROM presenta hoy de delitos por internet un ERE de 175 trabajadores CCM tendrá que reconocer El IPC interanual cae ocho decimas importantes pérdidas de 2008 hasta el -01%
  5. 5. Guided By A Singular Vision The Network Is The Computer.
  6. 6. The Global Global Business Strength Power • Business Presence • $13.88 billion in 160 Countries annual revenue** of Sun • Fortune 184 • $3 billion cash & marketable debt securities* Communities Innovation • 13+ million • 14,000+ Solaris licenses global patents • $2 billion • 6+ million Java developers annual • 5.5+ billion R&D Java devices • 11+ million MySQL users *As of Q2FY09 **FY08
  7. 7. We Want to Be Your Essential Provider of Network Technology
  8. 8. Solutions for IT Challenges & Opportunities Minimize Cost Maximize Return IT as OpEx Technology as a Competitive Weapon Business HPC & Infrastructure Internet Infrastructure Consolidation Scale Virtualization Optimized Systems Openness Energy Efficiency Performance Licensing Speed to Implementation Massive Data Capabilities
  9. 9. Open Source in the Enterprise 85% of companies now using open source, remaining 15% expect to do so in next 12 months.* Use Sun to help your customers make the transition *Source: Gartner, November, 2008
  10. 10. Comprehensive Portfolio Delivering Choice Essential Technology Optimized for the Network Developer Environment Database/ Storage Platform Application Infrastructure xVM Virtualization Operating System Servers Systems Storage Networking Microprocessor
  11. 11. Sun x64 Servers: Design Excellence • Broad portfolio • Five consecutive quarters of double digit growth in x86 server shipments (*) • 130+ World Records • Design Innovation • Maximize Performance • Up to double memory capacity • Up to 2x the density • Up to 50% savings per rack • Hybrid servers • High-end Systems design * IDC
  12. 12. The World’s Fastest, Most Energy- Efficient Virtualization Servers World’s First 4-Socket CMT Server World’s First World’s First 64-Thread Servers Dual-Socket First True with “System CMT Servers Modular World’s First on a Chip” Design Sun SPARC Enterprise Eco-Responsible T5440 Server Servers Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240 Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 Sun SPARC Sun Fire /Sun SPARC TM Sun Blade T6320 TM Enterprise T5140 Enterprise T2000 Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 Sun Fire/Sun SPARC Expanding the CMT Family of Systems Enterprise T1000 Sun Blade T6300
  13. 13. Storage Made Simple and Economic Sun introduces the world's first open storage appliances • ADD TEXT Announced • Real-Time Visibility this November! Easy to administer, > analyze and optimize Maximum Performance • > Seamless integration and optimization of hybrid storage pools with Solaris ZFS Reduce costs • > Up to 75% savings over proprietary solutions Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems 19
  14. 14. World-Class Infrastructure Services Innovation through Technology, Knowledge, Process and Partnerships Build Scale Optimize Architect and Deliver proactive, Simplify heterogeneous implement a dynamic, reactive, onsite and IT environments while scalable infrastructure web-based maintaining control, capabilities reducing risk and lowering cost SunSpectrumsm Architect Assess ✔ ✔ ✔ Migrate Optimize Enterprise Plans ✔ ✔ ✔ Implement Manage Preventive Services ✔ ✔ ✔
  15. 15. Enterprise-class open source Try out today’s latest technology software with commercial support before you cut a P.O. 60 Days Risk-Free Try and Buy Download Software Join a Community Go to sun.com We Make it Easy Promotions Sun Developer Network Customer Stories Sun Advisory Panel Sun Store Inner Circle Jonathan’s Blog
  16. 16. Algunes referencies administració i universitats ... .. .. .. . . .
  17. 17. Algunes referencies empreses...
  18. 18. Changing Use of the Network Cloud Computing
  19. 19. Gràcies ! josep.figols@sun.com
  20. 20. Sun Startup Essential Manuel JAFFRIN Web Industry Business Development Manager EMEA 28
  21. 21. What Does Sun Know About Startups Mentors Was one them Jump- Nurtures Buys starts them them them
  22. 22. Startup Challenges Cash in short Ready for wild Racing to get supply? success? to market? IT partners keeping pace as you grow? 30
  23. 23. Sun Startup Essentials Program Get a Jumpstart! Conserve cash! Accelerate development cycles! 31
  24. 24. Are You Wondering... Can I choose Am I too small? What do I order? my OS? No company is too Sun runs We'll help you small for Sun popular OS's choose 32
  25. 25. Are You Eligible ? • Less than 6 years in business? • Maximum 150 employees? • Business presence? sun.es/startup 33
  26. 26. Get Ready to start Plan and build for success! Get to run Get great Sun Solaris, hardware at Linux, & great prices Windows Get Web Get free help Get free hosting with tools and services from technical community partners questions support 34
  27. 27. Get your Free Software ! • Solaris and OpenSolaris™ • Solaris + AMP (SAMP) • Developer tools (NetBeans™, Sun Studio) • Sun Java™ Enterprise Solaris — Free. Open. Everywhere. 35
  28. 28. Free Support Giving you email access to Sun Geeks! Architecture-level questions Systems and storage Design and coding Performance tuning Linux to Solaris Software migration products support 36
  29. 29. Scale your software with our Solution Centers • Test • Tune Benchmark • • Port • Any OS, Any CPU • FREE for Startups 37
  30. 30. Get started with Sun Cloud ! •Participate in the Development of our Open Cloud APIs •Sign up for Early Access to Sun Cloud Services •Become a Sun Cloud Partner •Let Sun experts help you take advantage of Cloud Computing with Assessment Services and Workshops >Gather business requirements >Create a high-level architecture >Industry-best practices and proven methodologies to create value-added solutions • http://sun.com/cloud
  31. 31. Develop with Zembly.com Collaborative Development 2.0 Edit Edit Compile Deploy Run Participate Publish Technology Development Deployment Publishing Barrier Barrier Barrier Barrier Use A central, globally accessible platform for building the Web for casual developers Development Social Ecosystem Wikipedia Platform of for for Contributors “Live” Code Next Generation and Consumers Web Apps
  32. 32. Great Deals on Industry-leading Servers Sun x64 servers with AMD Opteron™ and Intel® Xeon® Sun SPARC® Enterprise Servers with UltraSPARC T2 processors 40
  33. 33. World Class Storage Solutions • Choice > FC/SATA, NAS, SAN, SCSI > SSD/Flash • High performance > Reliable and scalable • Innovation > Hybrid solutions such as Sun Fire X4500 and 7000's (Amber Road) > The world's first Web 2.0 server (Tim O'Reilly) Save up to 60 percent!!! 41
  34. 34. Looking to • Partnering with leading Host Your web hosting companies Services? • Providing highly flexible, scalable and secure Let someone else do hosting environments... the heavy lifting • ...at low discounted prices for participating members 42
  35. 35. Promote your startup with our local and international partner network ! • Press release • Event Case study • Seminar • • Access to our customer network 43
  36. 36. Sun Startup Community blog • Startup of the day • Free tickets to Industry events • Special promotions • Twitter updates (+3000 followers) 44
  37. 37. Iniciativas locales 45
  38. 38. Join a vibrant Community ! • Available in 29 countries • +5000 members 46
  39. 39. Join Now! sun.es/startup 47
  40. 40. Gracias ! Manuel JAFFRIN manuel.jaffrin@sun.com 48