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Dramatically Enhance Your Speed and Efficiency with Electronic Forms.

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E-forms technology enables the online entry and collection of data in electronic forms that are accessible from web pages, mobile devices, portals, and more. Incorporate eforms immediately into your business processes and experience transformation in your organization!

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Dramatically Enhance Your Speed and Efficiency with Electronic Forms.

  1. 1. E-Form Advantage Presented by: Ryan White- President Rich Tamaro- ECM ToolBox Solution Specialist Dramatically Enhance Your Speed and Efficiency with Electronic Forms
  2. 2. Agenda Defining the Problem Value in Data Capture E-Form Overview Applications Features & Demonstration
  3. 3. Defining your Competitive Advantage Remove Inefficient processes Create Memorable experiences Exceed Expectations
  4. 4. Value In Data Capture Data Drives Business Input and output of any transaction Impacts downstream processes Proper exception handling Cycle time Impact felt inside org as well as out Where are expectations? Spend time on value add functions Accuracy & Exceptions Exception handling is high cost More Accuracy, Less Exceptions Identify bottlenecks and resolve
  5. 5. E Form Overview Forms provide structure and logical formations for information Program Compliance and validation Anywhere Access Share and Transact Release Data into your business flow
  6. 6. Common Applications Purchase RequestsCheckRequests Clientsetup HR • Onboard • Benefit • Emp Change Servicetickets Contracts Vendor Set up Vacation Request IT Service tickets MedicalForms Expense Forms Client Survey Customer Service Enrollment forms Claims Processing Safety Reports Site Reports
  7. 7. Finding the Value Eforms ECMWorkflow Time Value of Your Content over Time Value Receipt of Content Archive Content
  8. 8. ECM Toolbox solutions / Services Workflow Eforms SalesForce Integration Work Orders
  9. 9. Next Steps