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MIT IDEAS Global Challenge Generator Dinner

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MIT IDEAS Global Challenge Generator Dinner

  1. 1. WELCOME TO THE GENERATOR DINNER February 21, 2013Oct 16, 2012Fall Generator Dinner
  2. 2. MorganO’Neill
  3. 3. WELCOME TO THE GENERATOR DINNER February 21, 2013Oct 16, 2012Fall Generator Dinner
  4. 4. Innovative and feasibleideas that make a positivechange in the worldanywhere in the world
  5. 5. What’s possibleup to $10k per team+3 x $1500community choice awards
  6. 6. Arlene Ducao OpenIRVitor Pamplona NetraMorgan O’Neill Recovers.orgMario Bollini Leveraged Freedom Chairwinners’ panel
  7. 7. Mario BolliniLeveragedFreedom Chair(GRIT)2008 winner
  8. 8. Arlene Ducao OpenIR, 2012 winner
  9. 9. VitorPamplonaNetra2010 winner
  10. 10. MorganO’Neill
  11. 11. Arlene Ducao OpenIRVitor Pamplona NetraMorgan O’Neill Recovers.orgMario Bollini Leveraged Freedom Chairwinners’ panel
  12. 12. What the judgeswill look for Team composition led by full-time MIT student(s)
  13. 13. What the judgeswill look for Innovation demonstrate alternative options + how your idea is different
  14. 14. What the judgeswill look for Impact where did your idea begin who are you working with what’s value will you add
  15. 15. What the judgeswill look for Feasibility what’s possible in next 15 months scope right team + partners future plan
  16. 16. 1 – Submit a Scope StatementEnter Final chance: Wed Feb 27 Submit at least one Scope StatementNow 2 – Submit a Proposal Friday, April 5 3 – Community Choice Vote Friday, April 19 - Monday, April 29 4 – Poster & Judging Session Monday, April 29 5 – Awards Celebration Thursday, May 2 Winners Retreat on May 28 and 29
  17. 17. MENTORSpleasestand up
  18. 18. 60 secondpitchesrecruit teammatesor share your skills
  19. 19. special award2013 Yunus Challenge education resources at http://web.mit.edu/idi
  20. 20. The Phase I Fellowship Eligibility Criteria• Six Phase I Fellows will receive $5k for • Graduating from MIT June 2013. travel and materials. • Have a new or improved hardware• Fellowship: June-Sept 2013. device to meet a defined Base of the• Improve on the design of your Pyramid need. technology through needs and market • Be available to work full-time on the analysis, value chain analysis, and user project and spend 6-8 weeks in the testing. target market.• Join a dynamic learning community of • Have project-based experience in a young social entrepreneurs. developing country.• Access D-Lab workspaces, receive • Have a community partner and a mentorship, develop new skills, and technology mentor committed to cultivate partnerships. your project. d-lab.mit.edu/scale-ups/apply smithra@mit.edu
  21. 21. 60 secondpitchesrecruit teammatesor share your skills
  22. 22. AquaFiltro: Water for Life Credit: PATHNeed: safe & affordable drinking waterSolution: ceramic water filtration – Cheap & aesthetic – Faster & more convenientImpact: better life quality – Health improvement – Job creation & economic improvement
  23. 23. Changing the Attitude of Autism Abroad by Educating FamiliesThe Problem: The Solution:The attitude and stigma A dynamic online resource for families toassociated with autism is in dire consult if their child is formally orneed of reform particularly in informally diagnosed with autismthird world countries of Africaand Asia. •Help with informal self-diagnosis via basic checklist•40% registered Nigerian nursesattribute autism to supernatural •Educational resources for the disorder tocauses such as spirits or the devil curb the mentality that autism is a fatal and hopeless disease, which needs•Social stigma and lack of “curing”government acceptance incountries such as India and •Forum for families in similar situations toChina prevent families from interact with one anothertaking much needed earlyintervention procedures •Success stories of autistic individuals, who have conquered social stigma ---------------- Aparna Sud Massachusetts Institute of Technology | 2013 Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences | Sloan School of Management asud@mit.edu | 781-367-4010 Sources: Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative, Psychology Today
  24. 24. LEARN X MOBILE LEARNING MARKETPLACE CONSUME BUYContent Needs A Mobile Learners Need A Platform SELL Marketplace Creators Need Distribution Channel yscaira@mit.edu
  25. 25. Allison Rosenbergallison.e.rosenberg@gmail.com
  26. 26. Lab-X Foundation Make. Break. Innovate. Incentive based unique educational programs to promote socio-economic growth in developing countries. Focused on undergraduate colleges with limited resources. Problem: Less than 0.1% of over 1 million engineering students gets world class education or hands on learning in India. A huge pool of talents is wasted due to lack of proper resources, guidance and global exposure. Innova (summer 2013) allowsOur Programs: students from small city•Intern Me colleges to solve problems of•Innova Ketan Dande, Associate Director, Lab-X rural areas, and ensures faculty with SJ Kuruvilla, during first collaboration•Techie involvement in research. event with Start Up Village, India•Inspire Students work in villages,First operation thereby promoting social Founders:conducted in Jan intermixing, technology Sampriti Bhattacharyya(MIT)2013 in Cochin for acceptance and in the process Ketan Dande (Robert Bosch )“Intern ME”. Two come up with low cost Chris Garry (UMass)US internships are technologies for indigenous Indian Partner: Startup Villagebeing given out. startups. www.labxfoundation.org sampriti@mit.edu
  27. 27. Common Scholarship Application Filtering Criteria Initiative "Common App" for Scholarships •Increase Applicant Pool of students applying to scholarships. •Seeking coders for preliminary version of website!Contact us!Kezi Chengkezi@mit.eduMargaret Shaw mmshaw@mit.edu
  28. 28. Ultimate Goal: Create Website that Fosters Non-Profit Collaboration• Utilizes Geospatial Overlap and Volunteer Network to Evaluate Collaboration for Funders Geospatial Overlap Volunteer Network Mapping of Geospatial Effective Analyzing Number of Mutual Radius Volunteer Connections If Interested please contact Chris Goldstein at cgoldstein13@gmail.com
  29. 29. YouVest – Crowdfunding for Social Enterprises Company overview Founding team Distinctiveness– YouVest will become the world’s – Track and evaluate project – Rodolfo Gonzalez leading crowdfunding platform impact using IRIS metrics for social enterprises – Users generate Social Impact– Rockefeller Foundation – Robert Hale Portfolios per dollar invested estimates individuals could invest US$4.4B in social – Projects will create videos to enterprises but lack platform to share their story and vision of track and evaluate social and social change – Pranav Ramkishnan financial impact – Investors build social capital by– Social Enterprises struggle to sharing their portfolios with the articulate and track their impact YouVest community to get peer– YouVest will promote Crowd – Chiharu Shiraai recognition for their impact Impact Investing as new asset class by using IRIS impact metrics– Projects raise funds in USA, but Target market Goals will be deployed whenever Net income Projects projects are running Capital Amount 4.8 9,100 Company history 5M– YouVest was founded in Fall 2012 by a Expansion group of MIT students who are 4,600 passionate about having great social 1M Institution 2.2 impact– Semifinalist of the MIT 100K Elevator 100k Dissemination Crowd Pitch contest 2012 0.2 600– Raised seed funding in December 2012 Social Enterprises Investors 2013 ‘14 ‘15 2013 ‘14 ‘15
  30. 30. Project Togo-bulance: Building a bicycle-ambulance for transportation between AED, a community-run HIV clinic, and the two public hospitals in Kara, Togo, West Africa (adapted from the Zambulance)Please contact Elizabeth Shanahan: shanahae@mit.edu
  31. 31. 60 secondpitchesrecruit teammatesor share your skills
  32. 32. Find athemed table Health, Accessibility Agriculture, Processing Education, Training Mobiles, ICTs Energy, Environment Housing, Transportation Water, Sanitation Emergency, Disaster Relief Employment, Entrepreneurship Wild Card
  33. 33. Sign up or reach out atSign up or reach out atglobalchallenge@mit.eduglobalchallenge@mit.eduglobalchallenge.mit.eduglobalchallenge.mit.edu