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IDEAS Global Challenge - Reviewer Training

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IDEAS Global Challenge - Reviewer Training

  1. 1. An annual competition that supports innovation andentrepreneurship as public service
  2. 2. Since 2001 78 teams have been awarded more than $300,000 to work in 28 countries PerfectSight India, 2010KonbitHaiti, 2010 egg-Energy Tanzania, 2009
  3. 3. PerfectSightDeveloped an innovative,mobile system fordiagnosing refractive eyeconditions for under $1using cell phones.2010 WinnerIndia
  4. 4. EGG-EnergyDeveloped innovativelighting and energyleasing franchise that aimsto eliminatecostly, unhealthy, anddangerous kerosenelanterns used around theworld.2009 WinnerTanzania
  5. 5. IndianMobileInitiative (IMI)Developed a series ofworkshops for Indianstudents to learn andharness the power ofAndroid apps as a meansto spurring socialenterprises.2011 WinnerIndia
  6. 6. Your question critiquerole develop
  7. 7. what makes for anIDEAS project?1/3 full-time MITstudents innovation feasibility impact
  8. 8. Process to Enter When 1 Sign up: Today! globalchallenge.mit.edu 2 Nov 2 Submit: Jan 25 Initial Scope Statement + March 2 March 23** Filter Development Grant 3 April 8 Submit: Proposal
  9. 9. Awards up to $10K + community choice award PROCESS 1. Poster + Judging Session @ MIT 2. Online Judging 3. Community Choice Vote
  10. 10. Review Process When 1 Download, Read, Give Feedback Nov 2 Initial Scope and Dev Grants Jan 25 online March 2 2 Discuss with Review Team Discuss feedback, consolidate, submit online in person 3 Share with Student Teams Share feedback in person 4 Check in with Student Teams Before deadlines. via the Global Challenge site
  11. 11. Next upThe first Initial Scope deadline isNovember 2.Initial Scopes to you on November 3.See you back here on November 9.
  12. 12. Initial proposal review Sequence of input boxes on review page Overall feedback Innovation Feasibility Impact Resources Fill in the first review box, last. Less about the legal structure, more about the drivers and their sustainability.
  13. 13. Initial proposal review Innovation Say, Product / service, process or social. Addressing a well defined unmet need. Innovation’s sustainability over next 1-2 years.Feasibility Customer profile, potential market size, positioning. Competition profile and counter strategy. Relevant team background for success of the innovation
  14. 14. Initial proposal review Feasibility…contd. Well defined and time bound goals, strategy, resource needs and budget statement. Community partners, and delivery capabilities.ImpactExpected social / environmental impact, and key drivers.Quantitative or qualitative measurement.
  15. 15. Initial proposal review Resources Other organizations addressing similar need in a manner that the team may leverage. Legal / policy regulations that the team should consider.Overall feedback SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
  16. 16. Take a shot Assistive Technology @ MIT – Universal Access Advanced, Low cost Autoclave Solutions