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Green Business Practices

Green Business practices, for small and medium businesses. Lets hope some companies at least follow it, and if they do we will be able to save our planet.

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Green Business Practices

  1. Understanding … Green Business Practices For businesses
  2. Part 1 : Climate Change, Whose responsibility is it ?
  3. Our World is Changing ….
  4. Yes We are Responsible for it !
  5. But, Small and Medium Businesses Ignore this
  6. “Its nothing personal, Its just business”
  7. “Its nothing personal, Its just business”
  8. The Small Businesses make up 60 % of all the Businesses
  9. “Business is the only mechanism powerful enough to produce the changes necessary to reverse global environment and social degradation” - Paul Hawken
  10. “Business is the only mechanism powerful enough to produce the changes necessary to reverse global environment and social degradation” - Paul Hawken
  11. Part 2 : Business Impact of turning ‘green’
  12. Green Practices can Help you … Save Money The experience of businesses that have already adopted environmentally sustainable working practices is that energy efficiency can lead to significant cost savings, which means your business can become leaner and more efficient.
  13. Green Practices can Help you … Win new Business There is growing pressure from society, government and customers for businesses to act in an environmentally responsible way. The attitudes and expectations of consumers are changing rapidly and businesses need to be able to adapt quickly.
  14. Green Practices can Help you … Enhance Reputation Customers and the public increasingly demand that businesses behave in an environmentally ethical way. Those that fail to meet these expectations risk causing damage to their brand. In turn this can harm a company’s ability to win customers and attract and retain the best employees.
  15. Green Practices can Help you … Make you more Efficient The same technologies that help reduce your carbon footprint can at the same time result in significant efficiency gains. Allowing employees the flexibility to work from home not only reduces the amount of travel they do, thereby cutting carbon emissions, but research shows it also makes employees around 20 per cent more productive.
  16. Part 3 : What does it mean to be a Sustainable Business ?
  17. Work Smarter and Reduce Travel
  18. Recycle and Reduce consumption of materials
  19. Improve Energy Efficiency
  20. Sustainable Sourcing
  21. Part 4: The Road to making your company green
  22. Step 1 Measure your Carbon Footprint If you cannot measure it, You cannot improve it !
  23. Numerous tools available online …
  24. Step 2 Adopt Flexible work timing Reduce congestion on the roads and in effect reduce pollution.
  25. Increase in productivity gain
  26. Increase in Motivation
  27. Improved productivity
  28. Reduce office space
  29. Reduce Travel
  30. Reduce Carbon Footprint
  31. Reduce Energy
  32. Step 3 Adopt new Technologies
  33. Voice over IP Voice over IP Single cabling for Data and Telephone applications, reducing materials used and power required.
  34. Remote Maintenance IP Networks provide ability for remote maintenance of voice and telephone systems. Reducing travel for maintenance personnel.
  35. E-Training and E- Learning Reducing the need for paper and in turn the requirement for employees or trainers to travel to or from the training centers.
  36. Wi-fi at coffee shops Encourage employees to use wi-fi at coffee shops to connect to the office network while on meeting tours.
  37. Smart Phone Technology Encourage employees to use smart phone technologies to help them work out of the office and not have to be present at the office everyday.
  38. Web conferencing and meeting Usage of web conferencing and web meeting will help reduce travel and also help the environment.
  39. Air Travel Substitution Encourage employees to adopt as much land transport as possible in order to reduce high altitude Carbon emission.
  40. Virtual filing and Cloud computing Whether its Google or Microsoft, use Cloud Computing to maximize server utilization and save space.
  41. Electronic Signatures Embrace electronic signatures technologies, for saving of paper as well as easy and faster review and signature.
  42. Use Less Packaging Or Opt for Sustainable Packaging
  43. Print on both sides If you do have to print, print on both sides of the paper to reduce paper usage.
  44. Recycle Recycle paper as much as possible as well as try to use reduced packaging.
  45. Online Marketing Use online marketing, especially on social networking sites to provide maximum coverage with minimum environmental impact.
  46. Green IT Invest in Green IT solutions, the energy efficiency of the average sever has gone up 10 times in the last 5 years.
  47. Step 4 Office Environment
  48. Buildings Account for 70 % Of energy usage.
  49. Switch Off Computers and Laptops
  50. Switch to energy efficient Lighting
  51. Adopt Energy Saving with the Heating and Cooling systems
  52. Step 5 Material Sourcing
  53. Switch to green Materials
  54. Source Low Carbon Footprint products
  55. Choose Greener Suppliers
  56. Did you know ?
  57. Only in the UK 70 Million Sq Meters of Office Space is unnecessarily lit
  58. Equal to 8750 Football fields
  59. Accounting to more than £350 Million
  60. Leaving office lights on all night
  61. Wastes enough energy to heat water for 1000 … cups of tea.
  62. A copier left on over night uses enough power to produce
  63. 1500 ….. Copies.
  64. Leaving a PC on all night uses up enough energy to…
  65. Microwave 6 dinners
  66. Microwave 6 dinners
  67. Switching off Non Essential equipment Saves enough energy to …
  68. Run a small car for 35 Miles.
  69. How to make it all of this a reality ? a recap.
  70. Use conferencing instead of travelling.
  71. If every Dubai company were to use conferencing small businesses could save 1,700,000 tonnes of
  72. Adopt flexible work timing
  73. 1 person in every company ….
  74. 1 day in a week ….
  75. Work from home in Dubai ….
  76. Could save
  77. 516 Million kgs of CO2
  78. Shut down computers and other electrical kit at the end of the day Could save enough energy for
  79. 26,000,000 Dinners
  80. Use recycled stationery and save paper
  81. 1 tonne of recycled paper = 32,000 liters of water
  82. Reduce Unnecessary travel and use mobile communication technology
  83. Every employee in Dubai, reduces 2 working days of travel a year we could save …
  84. 1,000,000 tonnes of CO2
  85. Its time to do something
  86. Its not just a planet …. Its Home.
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