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The Future of Influence - how the audience, content + media is changing how and why we share

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In my November 2016 presentation at Ciudad de la Ideas in Mexico, I made the argument that though we are still influenced by the same fundamental things, the way they present themselves is very different. My talk is also up on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MF2ZbO0bMok&t=25s

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The Future of Influence - how the audience, content + media is changing how and why we share

  1. the future of influence how the audience, content + media is changing how and why we share by Tara @missrogue Hunt Truly Social Inc.
  2. thousands of years
  3. hundreds of years
  4. 50 years
  5. one day to get 50 million views
  6. WHY?
  7. HOW?
  8. but can we reverse engineer this into another viral hit?
  9. https://www.flickr.com/photos/supernintendo_chalmers/3827043121
  10. content that spreads has similar characteristics… HOWEVER
  11. content with similar characteristics doesn’t always spread.
  12. – science + lots of studies “There is no singular, typical way in which ideas become popular.”
  13. https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeffeaton/6586676977 viral
  14. HOW
  15. WHY?
  16. audience media content random chance
  17. audience
  18. 6 weapons of influence:
  19. 1.reciprocity 2.consistency 3.social proof 4.liking 5.authority 6.scarcity
  20. 1.reciprocity
  21. the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit
  22. “Thanks Tim!”
  23. 2.consistency
  24. https://www.flickr.com/photos/markklotz/6315857220 the desire to remain committed to one’s word or ideals.
  26. 3.social proof
  27. looking to other people to help us make up our minds.
  28. http://howardznotes.com/2014/11/29/information-cascade-and-stock-market-bubbles/ information cascade a social chain reaction in which people share stuff because everyone else is.
  29. 4.liking
  30. the more we like someone, the more we trust them.
  31. 5.authority
  32. leveraging expertise or existing influence to spread a message.
  33. 6.scarcity
  34. creating the perception of a shortage of time or supply.
  35. the ‘weapons’ of influence haven’t changed
  36. content
  37. relatability authenticity intimacy engagement <- reciprocity <- consistency <- liking <- liking social proof
  38. authority scarcity “the new authority is authentic personal experience” “the new scarcity is attention”
  39. LOLZ
  40. 3 major content trends: authenticity commitment relatability
  41. authenticity
  42. this is you this is your audience ❤
  43. traditional industry focuses on… high level production actors multiple camera angles polish + perfection HD cameras branding cool b-roll stuffy scripts “brand consistency”
  44. cold + inauthentic
  45. human + intimate
  46. the new creators focus on… talking directly to the audience using colloquial language being passionate about your subject matter being excited about your subject matter being vulnerable being human + not worrying too much about mistakes
  47. https://www.flickr.com/photos/28376875@N07/8659290426 commitment
  48. seasons campaigns
  49. if you want an audience to commit to you, you need to commit to your audience.
  50. relatability
  51. the rise of the niche
  52. mass one-size fits all
  53. white, straight, english-speaking, anglosaxon male
  54. people want content that speaks to their experience.
  55. authenticity commitment relatability
  56. media
  57. 1.8billion pieces of content on Facebook.
  58. 500million tweets.
  59. 85million photos and videos posted to Instagram.
  60. 300thousand new videos uploaded to YouTube.
  61. DAILY(that’s a lot of noise to break through)
  62. be relatable.
  63. commit to the long term.
  64. be authentic.
  65. https://www.flickr.com/photos/alant79/10307934023 your ability to influence is directly correlated with your ability to connect with your audience.
  66. thank you.
  67. "Before Timeline and tweets, before a blog was called a blog, before anyone even knew what a web browser was, Tara Hunt was there. Often labeled a pioneer of online and social marketing, the Canadian has been an observer of the realm's development and a force in influencing it." - Entrepreneur Magazine, 2013 @missrogue youtube.com/tarahunt Truly Social Inc. Truly Social Inc. helps small and mid-sized businesses become creators. From defining the audience to developing a unique show strategy to helping you find your voice to getting you up and rolling and well on your way to growing your audience, TSI is your helpful creator sidekick. Toronto, ON www.trulysocial.ca / www.tarahunt.com 647-992-2951