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Initial and experimental development


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Initial and experimental development

  1. 1. You now need to begin to decide what media(s) you would like to use for your final outcome. You should consider how you want to present your work… -What image(s) do you want to use? -Do you want to create one large scale piece or create a series of images? -Do you need to buy any materials (eg: a canvas)
  2. 2. Next … you are going to develop your final idea further so you are able to consider how you would create your final outcome.
  3. 3. Initial Idea Board The student has created an initial idea mood board and added this to an initial idea board with artists and photos and small experimental painting of what they might produce for there final piece. This board is helpful to consolidate your ideas and help you plan what you want to create for your final exam.See next two slides for support with this board!
  4. 4. I have created the mood board (to the right) to consider my initial thoughts and Ideas for my final exam piece. My mood board shows different types of paint techniques as I am considering creating a painting on my theme of memories. This is a media that I enjoy working in and feel that the earlier work in this project I created using paint shows this is one of my strengths. My mood board has lots of different paint techniques that I now need to consider and I will need to create additional experiments to help and support my final decision. I will next start planning out my initial idea and then start different experiments so that I can decide what would be the most appropriate outcome. I will also need to consider scale, what image(s) to use and if I want to create a series or single final outcome.
  5. 5. OPTIONAL – Extension Work Extra Photos Now she has an idea of what she wants to do in the exam, she realises she needs more photos. This shoot is key to her idea and her final piece as you will see in the next few slides/boards.
  6. 6. Experimental Development …..working out final decisions See next slide for support with this board!