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Brand Bootcamp: Simple Exercises to Build a Strong, Long-Lasting Brand

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While many people think of their brand as a memorable logo or signature color, companies with enduring brands know it takes much more. In this hands-on workshop, we will walk through how to build the foundation for a meaningful brand that attracts customers and keeps them coming back for more. Join Shaina Rozen and Tanya Gagnon to learn easy exercises your team can use to define or improve your market positioning, messaging, and visual design.

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Brand Bootcamp: Simple Exercises to Build a Strong, Long-Lasting Brand

  1. 1. Brand Bootcamp Simple Exercises to Build a Strong, Long-Lasting Brand
  2. 2. Mention: @ShainaRozen @TanyaGagnon Hashtag: #PHXstartupweek #ChaseBasecamp #yesphx
  3. 3. Nice to meet you. Shaina: The Wordsmith Tanya: The Designer @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon
  4. 4. A match made in branding heaven Verbal Visual @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon
  5. 5. Branding isn’t just about warm and fuzzies. ®
  6. 6. @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon
  7. 7. @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon "How Slack has made itself an indispensable business tool” by Dan Frommer
  8. 8. @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon
  9. 9. @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon
  10. 10. @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon
  11. 11. Strong brands don’t just make friends. They make money. ®
  12. 12. @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon “Built to Last” by Jim Collins
  13. 13. So, what makes a strong brand? ®
  14. 14. “Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room.” Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon
  15. 15. What makes branding work? @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon
  16. 16. Extend beyond the brand @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon
  17. 17. Connect on an emotional level @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon
  18. 18. Define your emotional drivers @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon Slideshare.net - The Emotional Drivers of Highly Successful Viral Content
  19. 19. @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon
  20. 20. Elements of a strong brand Verbal Visual Brand Experience @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon
  21. 21. The verbal side of branding • The core concept or brand story • Mission or deeper purpose • Positioning • Audience personas • Voice and tone • Messaging @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon
  22. 22. The visual side of branding • Logo or visual mark • Signature colors and typefaces • Design elements • Imagery @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon
  23. 23. The overall brand experience • The customer experience • Company culture and values • Quality of the product or service • Harnessing all the senses • Consistency in every interaction touchpoint @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon
  24. 24. Time to work out! ®
  25. 25. Verbal exercise Determining your true differentiation What truly makes my company different from my competitors and peers? •  What do my customers care about most? •  What position can I own in their minds? @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon
  26. 26. Table Stakes Wasted Words Ego Boosts MAGIC! Relevant Not Relevant Unique Not Unique @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon
  27. 27. Visual exercise Translating the intangible •  How do I use design to differentiate? •  How do I show brand personality? •  How can I connect emotionally? @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon
  28. 28. @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon
  29. 29. Imagery with brand personality •  Create a library of 5-10 brand images •  Use your core values on the initial stock image search •  Add additional words to customize your image search Brand colors Brand personality traits Emotional triggers Brand storyline •  Choose images that have the same look and feel •  Choose images with space •  Keep both print and web in mind •  Combine illustrations and photography @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon
  30. 30. Ready to get your brand into shape? ®
  31. 31. Get in touch. shaina@sidetone.com tanya@missdetails.com @ShainaRozen + @TanyaGagnon
  32. 32. Download this presentation at bit.ly/brand-bootcamp.