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Madeira Photographs - A view of life

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Photographs taken in Madeira 2004

Publicada em: Espiritual, Turismo, Negócios
  • Beautiful and thought provoking at the same time
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Madeira Photographs - A view of life

  1. 1. A view of lifeCopyright Misha Jepson
  2. 2. There are many ways to look at life
  3. 3. You never know where your life will take you
  4. 4. You could be drifting away
  5. 5. The world could seem so black and white.Or as simple or complex as you want tomake it
  6. 6. You may see it in context or not see it at all
  7. 7. Some days you want to shout
  8. 8. Sometimes you justwant to be you
  9. 9. Some days you want to crawl insideand hide
  10. 10. Look up once in a while
  11. 11. Look around and take inthe view
  12. 12. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow
  13. 13. It can be chaotic butkeep your head up
  14. 14. Smell the flowers
  15. 15. Appreciate the new opportunities for growth
  16. 16. The world is a big as you want it to be
  17. 17. Its as clear or as full of mystery as you choose, but can always be fun
  18. 18. You may question the choice you made about your current path
  19. 19. But if you had taken another path, just think what you may have missed
  20. 20. Sometimes the clouds obscure your view, but youneed to believe they will always clear
  21. 21. The small things can be the most important, so noticethem all
  22. 22. Remember to lie still sometimes and take time to feel the heat from the sun
  23. 23. Its not what you look like that’s in important but theway you see and feel inside that counts
  24. 24. Hope you enjoyed my view of Madera