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Innovation in Design | Digital Transformation 2019

How do you plan the digital transformation in your company? Speech of Mirco Cervi CDO @ Italian Design Brands, during the NetComm Lugano E-nnovation Summit in Design on 2019/06/18.
Topic covered:
- What is the digital transformation
- Layers of Digital Transformation
- Customer Experience and Customer Journey
- The role of Culture in Digital Transformation
- How the digital Transformation affect all business models
- From linear organization to Exponential Organizations
- Infrastructure to facilitate the transformation

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Innovation in Design | Digital Transformation 2019

  1. 1. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Mirco Cervi Chief Digital and Transformation Officer, @Italian Design Brands
  2. 2. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION The change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society: technology, culture, creativity, social needs and management. “ “
  3. 3. LAYERS OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Knowing from where to start _customer experience _culture _business model _organization & processes _infrastructure _leadership & capabilities “ “
  4. 4. LAYERS OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION _customer experience The customer experience is the product of an interaction between an organization and the customer over the duration of their relationship: Journey – Touch Points - Experience “ “DATAS: Wikipedia Eng
  5. 5. Digital Touchpoints Plan & Experience Explore Purchase AdvocateDesire & Dream Physical Touchpoints Press & Catalogs Fairs & Exib. Digital Spaces Social Network Configurator Traditional Shops WebSite Word of Mouth Archi portals Events Distribution Online Search Online Shops Corporate Showrooms Family & Friends Social Network Digital Spaces Customer Care Pay & Track Customer care Shopping Exp. LAYERS OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION _customer experience – customer journey – touch points
  6. 6. LAYERS OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION _culture: corporate culture evolution It is not a matter of a faster, automated or more efficient «business as usual». The cultural change drives the digital transformation “ “
  7. 7. LAYERS OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION _culture: corporate culture evolution ANALOG CULTURE DIGITAL CULTURE Defensive Attack Customers are distant Customer Centric Reporting and Past Real time and Insight Risk averse Fail faster Focus group User testing Department Silos Cross-functional teams In-house is the best Network of expertise Our offers Customer needs
  8. 8. Infrastructure > 15% Processes > 20% Leadership > 30% Customer Exp > 60% Culture > 80% LAYERS OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION _culture: corporate culture evolution
  9. 9. LAYERS OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION _business model: change of the way we do business Digital Transformation is Deceptive and Disruptive. Is your business model ready for that? “ “
  10. 10. LAYERS OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION _business model – before 2010 Press & ADV press Tv & Mass Adv BUY Friends & Family Architects &| Interiors Designer NUOVA VALASSINA DESIGN SHOP TOURDesign shops CUSTOMER Almost 100% buy in brick&mortar Company Website 32% EdilPortale.com – 2007 What inspires you when you choose a piece of furniture? <10% 38% 63% 42% 23% DATAS: Edil portale, Federlegno 2017 Reports Luxury Experience
  11. 11. LAYERS OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION _business model – after 2010 ARCHITECT GOOGLE SOCIAL NETWORK Shops, Images, Locations, Portals Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest CUSTOMER Search BUY Brick& Mortar Online Shop Influenced by Influence Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog, websites, web portals (Architonic, Archiproducts…) Influencer & Advocates Adv on press Tv & Mass Adv 74% search before buy luxury items DATAS: True Luxury Experience 2017. Google Inisght 2018, Federlegno arredo FLA report 2016. Graphics from Mirco Cervi 11 15-20 % 64 % <30%
  12. 12. LAYERS OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION _organization&processes: from organization to exponential organizations Digital transformation isn’t really about technology it’s about organizational agility “ “
  13. 13. LAYERS OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION _organization&processes • Select employees not for a specific job but for the agility to change and cross the silos • Share your Vision to create shared purpose • Be open to outside suggestions and influences • Distribute your decision-making • To get culture you need to give culture • Engage your internal customers, create champions and cross functional digital teams • Don’t be closed to open innovation
  14. 14. Infrastructure > 25% Leadership > 25% Culture > 40% Processes > 40% Int Cust. Exp > 50% LAYERS OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION _organization&processes
  15. 15. LAYERS OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION _infrastructure How can hardware and software facilitate the change? “ “
  17. 17. • Vision • Communication • Digital Literacy • Strategy • Innovation • Risk-Taking • Adaptability • Talent Spotting LAYERS OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION _leadership&capabilities
  18. 18. Digital Transformation is a complex and never-ending journey “ “Mirco Cervi Chief Digital & Transformation Officer @IDB – Italian Design Brands