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Introduction to mind tickle social learning bootcamp (03082013)

  1. MOHIT GARG +1 (973) 404 0329 MindTickle - Social & Gamification SaaS Platform for Enterprise Learning Social Learning Boot Camp, Washington DC, March 2013
  2. MindTickle transforms and delivers existing content such as PPTs, videos, PDFs as gamified and social training Social & Gamfied Classroom Effectiveness Learning Training Videos/ E-Learning Webinar Intranet Cost Illustrative, Scale depends on the context of your organization COST 50% PARTICIPATION 2-3X EFFECTIVENESS 300%
  3. How Gamification and social helps in learning? Game mechanics motivate and engage the user  Badges: Sense of achievement, instant gratification  Levels: Achievable goals and incremental sense of progress  Challenges: Balance between skill and difficulty  Points: Differentiate committed learner from casual dabbler  Leaderboard: Reputation Social enhances informal learning and participation  Invites: Makes it viral, increases participation and sustained engagement  Updates & Discussions: Be a part of the larger community  Likes: Encouragement from peers  Share: Sharing achievements  Comments: Informal learning and feedback Our data has shown an increase in voluntary training participation rates by 2-3X is demonstrable with social/gamification 3
  4. MindTickle has created ready to use templatized frameworks for a wide range of training Employee Facing External Facing New Hire Training Policy Training Product Training Customer Training - Pre Join Compliance Training Sales Training Partner Training - Post Join Ongoing Refreshers Customer Support Training MindTickle integrates with your existing SSO/LMS infrastructure MindTikle provides an optimal balance of social and gamification most suited for the use case – based on analytics & user feedback 4
  5. Appendix – Reports & Analytics 5
  6. Participation Metrics Monitor real-time metrics on participation and completion status 6
  7. Automated email reminders to drive up completion Automated email reminders; type once and save as templates to reduce administrative burden 7 7
  8. Content Feedback Reports Detailed usage analytics and user engagement metrics 8 8
  9. Learner Surveys Built-in survey capability to collect feedback from learners 9 9