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  2. 2. *NURSING PROCESS *The nursing process is a pt-centered and goal oriented processes by which nurses deliver effective care to pt which involve. It is a cyclical, repetitive and ongoing process of nursing care and healthcare delivery.
  3. 3. Assessment Diagnosis Planningimplementation Evaluation
  4. 4. *The nurses evaluation of care will lead to changes in the implementation of the care and the pt needs are likely to changes during their stay in hospital as their health either improves or deteriorates. The nursing process not only focuses on ways to improve the pt physical needs, but also on social and emotional needs as well.
  5. 5. *Nursing process definitely involves care planning, documentation, and effective communication between nurses and patient encourage consistency of health care delivery for the patient and provide a comfort level for the nurses as well.
  6. 6. Example: *When I admitted to the hospital, I feel some level of nervousness and uneasiness due to the different processes of each nurse perform at a different scenario and condition.
  7. 7. *Healthcare development through planning provides a comfort level for the nurse for guidance and the assistance it provides in ensuring proper delivery of service. *Furthermore the healthcare service is reinforced by the effective strategy in using the evidence-based support; the evidenced based support can be enhanced by the computer system that perform online analysis through statistics, data translation and patients profiling.
  8. 8. *Nursing assessment involves collecting vital data and fundamental information necessary for the next process. Factual information and relevant data are collected manually, as such recording error and gathering of erroneous data can be executed. However, computer- enhanced automated nursing assessment can mitigate these potential problems by integrating it to the statistical information system.
  9. 9. *Vital data such as current health status, medication irregularaties, medical conditions, and patient health problems can be coupled to the basic data derived the necessary additional information. *This data should be extracted correctly since this essential data can be accurately provided the patients itself. *This data are gathered by the nurse through physical assessment, interviewing, and observing and involves the uses of basics senses.
  10. 10. Patient name Blood glucose level Deviation Squared deviation Patient I. 7.2 1.9 3.61 Patient D. 5.2 -0.1 0.01 Patient P. 5.7 0.4 0.16 Patient B 6.3 1 1
  11. 11. *Nursing diagnosis involves proper comprehension of the patients condition and response. Diagnostics process is complex and utilizes aspects of intelligence, critical thinking, and deeper though of understanding. *Nursing diagnosis involves clinical judgment about individual, family, or community responses to actual or potential health problems. *Nursing diagnosis provide the basis for selection of nursing interventions to achieve outcomes for which the nurses is accountable.
  12. 12. *Nursing diagnosis can be best executed when there is a strong evidence of such result; evidenced- based diagnosis can be enhanced through computer based method. *Nursing strategies should not be necessarily derived trough experience.
  13. 13. Patient Age Social status Place of work No.of children Patient A. 44 H O 4 Patient E. 19 H F 1 Patient J. 21 H F 2 Patient R. 26 H O 3
  14. 14. *Nursing care planning sets the stages for writing nursing action by establishing nursing pathway to streamline the activity, response and direction. *Nursing planning can be further enhanced through computer simulation. *Setting priorities, predicting expected outcomes and establishing time tables.
  15. 15. *Nursing implementation will detail the specific actions and activities the nurse needs to execute based on the plan. *The nurse should provide specific action that streamline with the plans and activities to progress the expected outcomes , documentation. *Computer simulation can be integrated to the nursing implementation to further enhanced the decision making process of a nurse.
  16. 16. *Evaluation of the processes using computers w/ the large amnt of pt. help identity outcomes patients are likely to achieve based on individual problems and needs.
  17. 17. *Mainly focus on health assessment, client care, plans medication, administration records, nursing notes and discharge plans. *The computer can store standards nursing care plans in a format determined by the hospital and clinics.
  18. 18. *Nursing informatics or nursing information system (NIS) are computer system that manage clinical data from a variety of health care environment and made available in a timely and orderly fashion to aid nurse in improving pt. care.
  19. 19. *Patient charting *Clinical data integration *Decision support *Optimal operation of hospital and clinic *Better care planning
  20. 20. *Specific nursing informatics include the ability to effectively use nursing information system application in a contented and knowledgeable ways.it is important that nurses feel certain in their use of computers, software, computer system, communication system in the practice setting especially when at the service, in order to be able to attend to the client at the same time.
  21. 21. *Understand how the computer operates *Computer apps. To plan clients care *Simple data base apps.to enter the retrieve data and information
  22. 22. *Critical care nursing is an area of expertise within nursing that focus specifically with human responses to life-threatening problems. A critical care staff is responsible to ensure that critically ill patients and seriously conditioned individuals, in addition, nurse or critical care staff is should ensure that families of the medically ill patients should receive optimal care.
  23. 23. *Critical Care Nurse *Is responsible to ensure that critically ill patients are seriously conditioned individuals. *Ensure that families of the medically ill patients should receive optimal care. *Critical care provides and nurses upon a dedicated knowledge, skill and experience and automated system of support and intelligent system to provide care to patients and families and create environment that are healing and compassionate and caring.
  24. 24. I.C.U N.I.C.U
  25. 25. *I.C.U- Intensive Care Units *N.I.C.U- neonatal intensive care units *C.C.A- cardiac care units *C.C.L-cardiac catheter labs *P.C.U-progressive care units *Telemetry units *Emergency department *Recovery rooms
  26. 26. • Bedside clinicians • Educators • Guidance • Researches • report manager • Advocate • Specialist • practitioners
  27. 27. •The medical information bus (MIB) medical information bus provides a generalized method of attaching patient monitoring devices to a common interface. •The (MIB) system eliminates the needs for custom connectors and software presently needed to interface such devices. •The (MIB) also has the ability to filter store and select information sent inclusion into clinical medical record on the clinical computer system Infusion pumps, ventilators, pulse, and other patient equipment are now transmitting clinical information for use in clinical data reporting and decision making.
  28. 28. *Critical care applications are areas where patients require complex assessment, high intensity medication, continuous therapy and interventions, and unrelenting nursing attention and continuous watchfulness.
  29. 29. *The technology is keep on evolving, introducing many advance in healthcare, technology is keep on contributing to the healthcare areas and keeping more people out of the hospital or keeping more patient easily to recover and properly care or have a proper management of health.
  30. 30. *Cont. •Automated collection and management of medical information will become the important task of the critical information system. •Such as information from the clinical laboratory, pharmacy, radiology, pulmonary, cardiology, bedside nurse charting, and others areas are all combine and correlated to provide reporting, feedback and suggestion to hospital staff.
  31. 31. *Special software is installed in the computer system which enables the users to have an access and use of critical care information system.
  32. 32. Example: *The bedside monitoring system acquires data such as heart rate from the ECG, parameters from arterial and pulmonary arterial invasive blood, pressures, temperature, non-invasive blood pressure, and arterial saturation, and heart from pulse oximetry.
  33. 33. *Advantages: *Intelligently integrates and process physiologic and diagnostics information and store it to secured clinical repository. *Creates trend analysis with graphical representation of results *Offline simulation can be performed to test the condition of the patients. *Provide clinical decision support system *Provide access to vital patients information *Providing feedback and quick evaluation of the patients condition and provides alert.
  35. 35. Community Health Informatics
  36. 36. *Population-level informatics has its own special treatment, system, issues, and deliberation. *Creating information system at the population level from a development perspective is somewhat difficult due to a very large number of resource, data elements, diverse parameters, components and information content.
  37. 37. *Community health information system is a collective for methodical application of information science and technology to community and public health process *It also emphasize the prevention of disease, medical intervention and public awareness.
  38. 38. *Community health information system is reinforced by the government institution such as the department of health. *Hospital information system, clinical information system, patients monitoring EHR focused more on individual and single resource contrary to community health information system which is focused on information about majority of population.
  39. 39. •The nature of community nursing is comprehensive direct towards the majority of individual, families and the community at large. •Fulfil a unique role in the community promoting and protecting the health of the community at the same time maintaining sustainability and integrity of health data and information.
  40. 40. *Preventing, identifying, investigating, and eliminating communicable health problems. •Accessibility of data and information, through communication. •Educating and empowering individuals to adopt health life style •Facilitate the retrieval of data. •Effective transformation of data into information •Effective integration of information to other disciplined to concretized knowledge and create better.
  41. 41. •Effective integration of information to other disciplined to concretized knowledge and create better. •Creation of computerized patient record, MIS. •Central repositories of all data as data warehouse . •Simple graphical users (GUI) for nurses and other health care provider, pt. and consumers.
  42. 42. *A survey in contrast to an experiment, is an examination of a system in operation in which the investigator does not have an opportunity to assign different condition to the object of the study. *Health statistical surveys are used to collect quantitative information about items in population. *Surveys of human populations and institutions are common and helpful. *Health survey may focus on opinions or factual information depending on its purpose and many surveys involves administering questions to individual.
  43. 43. Telephone Internet Mail Personal Research Inspection information
  44. 44. *Automated system can be used to integrate all of the information obtain using the different processes. The data can be translated effectively through the use of statistical information data. *The data can be directly fed to a computer system that statistically processes the data, in a addition *The computer program is coupled to intelligent system which provides prediction, decision, target measures, and coordination.
  45. 45. CEDDS NEDSS -Environmental status -health records -demographic population -area category -Health awareness program -Society level
  46. 46. *To enhance the emergency preparedness and response system, a special system such as (NEDSS) can be integrated to national information system.
  47. 47. *Data warehouse COMMUNITY HIS manila CHIS central CIS Caloocan HER Quezon
  48. 48. h health institution insurance company Community health agencies health authority And city official CHIS Central
  49. 49. *Consistent exchange of response *Disease tracking *Data and information sharing *Building strategies *Early detection and monitoring of disease and sickness *Control of spread and disease *National alertness and preparedness *Building strong communication
  50. 50. *Maintaining strong relation between nurses and other healthcare provider *Continuous coordination of the healthcare professionals *Synchronization of the decisions *Streamlining of the process *Effective management of data and information. *Optimal operation of hospital and clinics
  51. 51. Company Community Public place Private entity Schools and universities Health promotion Health promotion Health promotion Health promotion Health promotion
  52. 52. school 1 school 2 school 3 school 4
  53. 53. *Statistics of students in four with medical records illustrated by pie chart.
  54. 54. 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 day 1 day 2 day 3 day 4 brgy 1 brgy 2 brgy 3
  55. 55. *