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Pre- Montreal 2019 Series A International Kumite Training Camp

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Pre- Montreal 2019 Series A International Kumite Training Camp

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Pre- Montreal 2019 Series A International Kumite Training Camp

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  2. 2. Montreal, March 20, 2019 Object: INTERNATIONAL KUMITE TRAINING CAMP, in preparation for the MONTREAL 2019 WKF KARATE-1 SERIES A event and other Olympic Qualification Events. Dear Sir, Madam, We have the pleasure of inviting your Karate team to join the Pre-Montreal 2019 International Kumite Training Camp, which will be held from June 15 until June 18th 2019 inclusively, in Montreal (Quebec, Canada). Hopefully your team may join ours for this exciting event. We look forward to greeting you soon in Montreal for this International Training Camp! Best regards, Craig Vokey President Karate Canada Email: craig@karatecanada.org Pre –Montreal Series A International Kumite Training Camp 2
  3. 3. Pre –Montreal Series A International Kumite Training Camp 3" ELIGIBILITY: . Participation in this invitational training camp is reserved for KARATE NATIONAL TEAM MEMBERS ONLY (in Senior and U21 divisions), from any WKF member nation. PROGRAM / SCHEDULE: . VENUE: All training camp sessions will take place at the Complexe sportif Claude- Robillard (venue for the Montreal 2019 WKF Karate -1 Series A competition.), in a vast gymnasium with WKF homologated tatamis. All participants will have access to fully equipped changing rooms with lockers with showers. COMPLEXE SPORTIF CLAUDE-ROBILLARD Address: 1000 Av Émile-Journault, Montréal, Quebec Canada H2M 2E7
  4. 4. Pre –Montreal Series A International Kumite Training Camp 4" SCHEDULE: Day Saturday, June 15 Sunday, June 16 Monday, June 17 Tuesday, June 18 Training Session 1* 10:00-11:30 AM 10:00-11:30 AM 10:00-11:30 AM 10:00-11:30 AM Training Session 2* 2:00-3:30 PM 2:00-3:30 PM 2:00-3:30 PM 2:00-3:30 PM * Exact times to be confirmed. (Please note: while training content will be specific to kumite athletes, kata athletes may also use adjacent tatamis / training space on location during those time slots to run their own / free trainings.) COACHING: Training Sessions will be directed by National Team Coaching Staff from participating nations, including Karate Canada’s Senior National Team Kumite Head Coach Ms. Nassim Varasteh. About&Coach&NASSIM&VARASTEH&REYHANIAN& " " To this day, Mrs. Varasteh remains the most successful athlete in Canadian karate history, with 2 silver medals at the WKF World Karate Championships and no less than 6 gold medals at the Pan American level. Ever since she’s dedicated herself to coaching, Nassim has had a strong record of success as well, with many athletes winning medals at the Pan American and international levels. As a Kumite National Team Head Coach since 2013, Nassim has successfully provided leadership and support to Karate Canada’s Senior National Team on a number of occasions over the last few years, including the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games, where Canada claimed a record number of medals and achieved its best-ever performance, and several WKF Karate-1 Premiere League events where Canadian athletes have achieved an unprecedented number of world-class podium results.
  5. 5. Pre –Montreal Series A International Kumite Training Camp 5" ACCOMMODATIONS: : Karate Canada has reserved blocks of rooms in nearby hotels and accommodations options, for potential use by participating teams. To obtain information about and assistance with lodging options, team managers may contact Karate Canada’s Events Manager Mrs. Cheryl Tataryn by email, at: cheryl.tataryn@karatecanada.org GROUND TRANSPORTATION: : ! 747#P.&E.&TRUDEAU#AIRPORT#TO#DOWNTOWN"MONTREAL! ! The!747!shuttle!provides!bus!service!24!hours!a!day,!seven!days!a!week,! between!Montreal;Trudeau!Airport!and!downtown.!! ! Two!route!options!are!available!to!you!from!the!airport.! ! 1.! Destination)Terminus)Lionel0Groulx)métro)Station! 2.! Destination)Centre0ville)(Downtown)! ! The!747!information!booth!and!vending!machines!to!buy!your!transit!fare!are! located!on!the!airport’s!international!arrivals!level.!A!one;way!ticket!is!10!CAD.! ! For!more!info!about!the!747!shuttle!visit:!https://bit.ly/2s3pnmP # DOWNTOWN#(HOTELS)#TO#TRAINING#CAMP#VENUE# Moving!around!Montreal!is!easy!with!its!convenient!pubic!transportation!system.! Simply!add!the!departing!and!destination!addresses!at!http://www.stm.info/en! and!it!will!tell!you!the!easiest!way!to!get!there,!as!well!as!the!approximate!travel! time!(see!example).!! ! Other!great!resources!to!help!you!move!about!the!city!are:! http://www.stm.info/en/offers;and;outings/outings/explore;montreal;public;transit!! http://www.stm.info/en/info/fares!! https://www.google.ca/maps! ! ! ! !
  6. 6. Pre –Montreal Series A International Kumite Training Camp 6" Example:! ! ! # SHUTTLE#SERVICE# # Groups!enquiring!about!personalized!shuttle!service!may!email! cheryl.tataryn@karatecanada.org.!! ! #
  7. 7. Pre –Montreal Series A International Kumite Training Camp 7" TO REGISTER: . Participants are required to register online via SportData at: https://www.sportdata.org/karate/set-online/veranstaltung_info_main.php?active_menu=calendar&vernr=4617#a_eventhead Please register as soon as possible and no later than June 1st 2019. REGISTRATION FEES: $40.00 CAD per participating athlete** (free for all National Team Coaches) (**= no meals or lodging included) Payment: Registration fees may be paid using any of the following 3 options: -on SportData using Paypal, at time of online registration; or -via electronic funds transfer (wire transfer – details to be provided soon, in follow-up communications); or -in cash to Karate Canada representative before the start of the Camp. CONTACTS: .:. Kraig Devlin Karate Canada High Performance Director Email: kraig.devlin@karatecanada.org Gillian Benson Karate Canada Administrative Assistant / Logistics Coordinator Email: Gillian.benson@karatecanada.org Tel: (1+) 514-252-3209
  8. 8. Pre –Montreal Series A International Kumite Training Camp 8" For lodging and ground transport: Cheryl Tataryn Karate Canada Events Manager Email: Cheryl.tataryn@karatecanada.org See you soon in Montreal!