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7 de Nov de 2012


  1. A Journey from Wheat to Economic Theory
  2.  I had this idea to make bread from the very beginning, wheat and water put together to make a portable foodstuff.  What do I need?  Wheat  Yeast  Water
  3. The cultivation of wheat changed us from nomadic people to early farmers. Because of this process, we began establishing communities. Bakers in the Midle Ages held special status withink their villages. Fast forward to today:
  4.  There are aisles and aisles of bread in grocery stores. You can enter the process anywhere you want. You can bake. You can mill your own grain. You can buy bread from the Wonder guy, Fred, Nancy or Dave or any of a number of other fine bakers.
  5.  You can do it all.  DIY ALL ALONE.  It is a lot of work.  You still may not be able to produce a viable, edible product.
  6.  OR  You can do what you do well and develop a process i.e. baking or anything else you are called upon to do including those around you who all have different strengths and talents  A much easier way tocome up with something that actually feeds you,
  7.  Progress and innovation in everything we do depend on finding the place where we do the best part of the process we can. Sure, you can keep an eye on the whole process. But, dollars to donuts (or loaves of bread) we can all do a better job if we do it …
  9.  We are so much more together than who we are by ourselves.  It is a small planet.  Work together.  Take care of each other.

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