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5 Trip wires in designing and leading teams

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5 Trip wires in designing and leading teams. We've identified 5 common mistakes in designing and leading teams, and share 3 ideas on improving team work.

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5 Trip wires in designing and leading teams

  1. 1. 5 Trip Wires in Designing and Leading Teams Reference: Groups That Work. Hackman
  2. 2. Trip Wire #1: Call the performing unit a team but really manage the members as individuals.
  3. 3. Trip Wire #2: Fall off the authority and accountability balance beam.
  4. 4. Trip Wire #3: Assemble a large group of people, tell them in general terms what needs to be accomplished, and let them “work out the details.”
  5. 5. Trip Wire #4: Specify challenging team objectives, but skimp on organizational supports.
  6. 6. Trip Wire #5: Assume that team members already have all the competence they need to work well as a team.
  7. 7. How can these 5 trip wires in designing and leading teams be acknowledged & ameliorated?
  8. 8. Creating favorable conditions Building & maintaining the team Coaching & supporting the team in real time Understanding your role as team member, leader or manager by focusing on these 3 activities
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