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Mikael Falkvidd IoT - Stena AB Faster Forward

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Tech afternoon - IoT, Mikael Falkvidd, Independent IoT consultant

The challenge is no longer technology or economy- it´s for us to imagine useful scenarios
Everything that can be connected will be connected and Gartner predicts that 2020 we will have 20 Billion connected devices, others say 50. We need to learn and explore the future business value.

Mikael has a MsC in computer communications. He has experience from Ericsson and OP5 but has also been a freelancer writer for a Swedish computer magazine where he had to stay relevant and learn about the latest and most exciting technologies.

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Mikael Falkvidd IoT - Stena AB Faster Forward

  1. 1. IoT Mikael Falkvidd FASTER FORWARD 2018-03-13
  2. 2. About Mikael Falkvidd • IoT consultant, Falkvidd Holding AB and DigiNav AB • Past positions • Development Team Lead, OP5 • IT Consultant, Accenture • Product Owner, Ericsson • Solution Architect, Ericsson Core team member 80+ published articles in Board member https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikaelfalkvidd https://twitter.com/mfalkvidd / @mfalkvidd Today’s hashtag: #Fasterforward
  3. 3. Agenda • What is IoT and why is it useful? • No I without connectivity • No T without devices • No win without business
  4. 4. What is IoT (Internet of Things)? • Physical devices • Connected
  5. 5. Why IoT? • Connect the digital and physical world • Collect data cheaply • Asset tracking: where is my goods/equipment/tool/machine • Environmental information: temperature, CO2, pH, particles • Resources: battery level, tank level • Usage: water, fuel, electricity • Better decision making • New business models
  6. 6. IoT connectivity – cellular/mobile (2G/3G/4G) • Used to cost about 1 EUR/month if you buy really large volumes (>100,000). Roaming expensive. • Today: as low as 10 EUR for 10 years (0.5GB data maximum). Roaming in EU+Norway+Switzerland included. • Still draws a lot of power though (~6 months battery life). NB-IoT and LTE-M promises to take care of this, but is not yet available. • Focused on connecting humans
  7. 7. IoT connectivity – LPWAN • New take on old technology. • 5-10 years battery life • Commercial networks, build your own or hybrid. • Focused on connecting things • Low total cost • No need to connect power or replace batteries frequently • ~10 EUR per year connectivity cost • Low cost devices
  8. 8. LPWAN example: Sigfox • Rollout in Sweden started July 2017 • 60% population coverage by end of 2017 • Expansion continues during 2018 • Global network: Currently 45 countries, 60 planned by end of 2018
  9. 9. Telia cellular Sigfox LPWAN
  10. 10. Hybrid network • Make sure your customer’s goods have connectivity during the entire journey • No need to get a mobile operator license • A global leader within container shipping and who operates in more than 100 countries, is working with Sigfox to provide coverage on board their vessels
  11. 11. IoT devices • Cheap • Lots of different sensors • Battery-powered • Easy installation
  12. 12. Device example 1
  13. 13. Device example 2
  14. 14. Device example 3
  15. 15. Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel - measuring water and air quality • Analyze real-time data • Detect problems before they even occur • Prevent downtime • Develop new opportunities
  16. 16. Sensolus offers an end-to-end tracking solution. It notifies Airbus about its assets’ trips and give insights on supply chain optimization. The device embeds an internal memory to record data when outside of coverage. Problem solved Track spare parts between the headquarters and the sites of its suppliers BenefitsSolution  Cross country tracking without high roaming fees  Real-time visibility on the asset during transportation  Automation of the supply chain Industrial asset management GPS + BLE tracker for indoor and outdoor geolocation LIVE
  17. 17. Business example
  18. 18. Find business opportunities • IoT won’t add value by itself • People who understand the business are best equipped to come up with new ideas • Working together with someone technical can be a great combination
  19. 19. Find business opportunities • Important data that is collected manually today • What if it could be done automatically (less cost, better consistency) • What if data was colleccted more often (ex: hourly instead of weekly) • Data that isn’t available today that could help you • Make better decisions • Find new ways to help your customers • Find new ways of doing business
  20. 20. Imagine useful scenarios that have the potential to deliver business value Test your idea IoT can be easy, cheap and incredibly useful
  21. 21. Sigfox global coverage
  22. 22. Key takeaways • IoT devices are cheaper than you think • IoT is easier to use than you think • IoT connectivity is cheaper than you think • LPWAN opens new possibilities (private base stations, better coverage, better battery life)
  23. 23. CONFIDENTIAL 24 Parking space management • Improve parking policies • Obtain turnover information in real time • Guide drivers more efficiently • Have greater control over special permit spaces • Save resources through fast implementation • Decrease costs through easy maintenance • Generate additional revenue • Decrease CO2 emissions Fastprk is an intelligent Parking Management System that allows cities and operators to manage parking resources more efficiently and parking operators to generate additional revenue. Fastprk offers information about parking availability to the drivers within blue and green spaces, and also on loading, taxis and disabled parking bays Problem solved Optimize parking spaces in the city BenefitsSolution LIVE