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The Next Generation of The Open Community

Open Knowledge is not something that is taught in schools, and Open Source is an afterthought for companies. So how can we inspire the next generation, and the organisations of the future to be open? Open Summer of Code does just that. Osoc is a 4-week summer programme in July, that provices Belgian based students the training, network and support necessary to discover the possibilities and impact of Open Innovation projects.

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The Next Generation of The Open Community

  1. 1. open summer of code OSOC.BE @OSOCODE Miet Claes
 Michiel Leyman
 Open Belgium 2019
  2. 2. 😍
 You’re here!
  3. 3. You have no idea how happy we are, that every single one of you is here. We’re happy you want to be part of this community — and that you’re building it together, to what it is today. Thank you for that.
  4. 4. 🧐
 Why are you here?
  5. 5. We were wondering though — why are you here? Why are you part of the open community? We are here because, we think, the open community is something else. It’s something unlike any other community we’ve come across. There’s so many motivated, talented people here, all creating something bigger than themselves. It’s inspirational to say the least.
  6. 6. 🤔 How did you
 get into the
 open community?
  7. 7. But how did you get in the open community? This is a very interesting question to us, because have noticed a lot of people get here by “accident”. Some people get here by surfing the internet, via a friend or colleague, or by building something and sharing it with others. There are not a lot of people that get the opportunity to participate in this community via school or via their job. At open summer of code, we want to change that.
  8. 8. What is this
 “open” thing…?
  9. 9. We, Michiel Leyman and Miet Claes, got in to the open community via Open summer of code. This is a picture of 2012, the first time Miet participated Open summer of code (back then it was still called iRail Summer of code). We have to admit, we had no clue what open was before we entered Osoc.
  10. 10. It’s
  11. 11. But after those 4 weeks, we realised it was more than just a cool summer job. We found are people, and we realised we wanted to remain part of the open community. Miet is going to coach Osoc for the 6th time, and Michiel decided to work for the Open Knowledge Foundation full-time.
  12. 12. This is a picture of 2018. Osoc keeps on growing, and we’re finding more and more people that want be part of the open community.
  13. 13. My second time oSoc felt like coming home. Meeting people from last year, connecting with new interesting people. It's exciting to see how diverse oSoc is. SHEILA DECLOEDT
  14. 14. Open Summer of Code is
 one month of open innovation
 in which students create
 real world projects
 with the help of coaches for actual organisations.
  16. 16. 1. STUDENTS
  17. 17. Earn
 money ANY
  18. 18. Work
 on your career Earn
 money ANY
  19. 19. Create something valuable Work
 on your career Earn
 money ANY
  20. 20. When you’re looking for a summer job as a student, you’re already quite happy to earn some money along the way. Doing something in line of your studies is not common at all, and you consider yourself lucky if you get a job like that. But creating something valuable along the way, being able to contribute to something — now that’s something special. This, to us, was the perfect summer job. And a wonderful introduction to the open community as well.
  21. 21. Students join for a
 paid summer job.
  22. 22. they leave with an
 of what open is
 & why it matters.
  23. 23. “#osoc taught me things about the professional area that no education institution can teach us” — ANONYMOUS SURVEY
  24. 24. 2. ORGANISATIONS
  25. 25. Organisations are a crucial part of Open summer of code. They provide the real-world projects the students will be working on during those 4 weeks.
  26. 26. Together, we create something new.
  27. 27. To get a glimpse of the projects we have been working on, surf to 2018.summerofcode.be/2018.html. We have a wide variety of projects we work on, from health to transport to politics. Any project goes, as long as it’s open in the end.
  28. 28. A 4-week hackathon lets you actually ship something —
 it’s not just good for your image. BERT JEHOUL
  29. 29. Many of them do it to give back, others do it to network, and some do it to find hiring prospects. On the one hand organisations get access to fresh ideas from young and ambitious students, on the other they have access to the expertise of many experienced coaches. It’s the perfect way to finally get started on that cool idea or project you had, and really build something.
  30. 30. All tax-paid development should be open source. — ANONYMOUS GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE
  31. 31. Some organisations even see Osoc as an entrance to the open community we've been talking about.
 Michiel was in a meeting with about 6 people from an organisation, half explaining open summer of code, half brainstorming about possible projects they could bring to the table.
 When Michiel clarified the "open" part of Open Summer of Code, you could see them make a click, one by one. The ideas shifted from "fun projects" to "embracing and joining a community". They were hooked on the open part, not the code part.
  32. 32. $ Hiring
 % Giving & Networking
 ' Experimenting
  33. 33. 3. COACHES
  34. 34. 🤯
  35. 35. Miet will be coaching at Open summer of code for the sixth time in 2019. It’s the most chaotic 4 weeks of the year, but she looks forward to it every time. You might wonder why you would voluntarily torture yourself every year. Miet says it’s worth it, as a personal investment, and as an investment for her career: I’m working on a linked open data project for the Flemish government right now called LBLOD — and I wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for Osoc. I got the opportunity to make the combination of graphic design and the open community my super power.
  36. 36. 🤯 ♥
  37. 37. On a personal level, it’s also the most rewarding month of the year. I learn so much from the students, partners and other coaches — my skills grow every time and I make new friends each time. My brain gets a big reset, and a fresh breath of air runs through my career, because these four weeks fill me with inspiration. It’s worth being exhausted in August (and nobody really works in August anyways).
  38. 38. Having to guide others helps me make sense of how I do things myself. FREDERIK VINCX
  39. 39. Frederik Vincx has been a wonderful addition to the coaching team since a couple of years. He shares why he likes being part of Osoc: I like to share my 20-year obsession with making digital experiences with youngsters. Having to guide others helps me make sense of how I do things myself. It’s rewarding to see students pick up skills and attitudes. I love to see them grow and do well. Also after oSoc. And it makes me proud if they can make something useful at the end of the oSoc ride, partially thanks to my guidance.
  40. 40. Also, oSoc takes me out of my daily work. There’s this big exiting deadline. There’s a ton of energy from all the students and coaches. And in this setting it doesn’t have to be perfect. We can fail. We can experiment and have fun. That makes it a great break from my real work. One month is a good time to make something new. Not too short, not too long.
  41. 41. It’s rewarding to see I could actually help the students, and see them grow by my guidance. RUTGER BEVERS
  42. 42. Rutger is a new coach since last year, and he plans on being part of it again. Here’s why: I loved exploring new tech, together with the students, and learning more about it. Getting to know all these talented students motivated me as well. It’s a wonderful network to be in. It was a wonderful experience to see I could actually help the students in a good way, and to see how much they learn in such a short amount of time.
  43. 43. I love bringing a project to life in collaboration with a group of people,
 that have different backgrounds. EVELINE VLASSENROOT
  44. 44. 🤔 Learning 👐 Sharing knowledge
 👏 Creating something useful ⚡ Energy
  45. 45. OPEN
  46. 46. We’re on a mission
 to get people into
 the open community, and show them why open matters.
  47. 47. 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 Organisations Coaches Students 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 And we’re
  48. 48. BE 2018
  49. 49. BE ES 2018
  50. 50. BE ES 2018
  51. 51. BE ES NL 2019
  52. 52. BE ES NL 2020 GH CN DE BR CA
  53. 53. Not only did we grow tremendously in 2018, we also had a first edition in Madrid! By 2020, we want to make sure anyone in the world can start their own Open summer of code. But in order to get there, we need to do better.
  54. 54. We’ll have an open knowledge base. BY 2020
  55. 55. We’ll document every step of the process to help you get started.
  56. 56. Everything we create, will be even more open BY 2020
  57. 57. Our brand and website are already open to use.
  58. 58. We’ll have an open source application form
  59. 59. We’ll document and open up our business model to help you get started.
  60. 60. BY 2020 We’ll need more of you to support the next generation of the open community.
  61. 61. Organisation Expand CoachStudent
  62. 62. We welcome you to the community, to help spread the word of why open matters. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us info@osoc.be!
 Miet Claes MIET.BE @CHOISISSEZ Thank you for being here.