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Academic pressure

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Academic pressure faced by Students, Parents and Faculty - Described.

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Academic pressure

  1. 1. Nowadays Education becomes a stressful Process. But.. "Education is not the filling of a vessel but the kindling of a flame." -Socrates
  2. 2. Parents, Faculty and Students are suffering from Academic Pressure
  3. 3. Academic Pressure Survey says..
  4. 4. Parents
  5. 5. Parents Factors of Pressure : Peer pressure from Neighbors and Relations Financial Issues Non-Listening of children Job Fear and Over-Expectation
  6. 6. ParentsFactors of Pressure : Peer pressure from Neighbors and Relations People around parents asking questions about The marks of children and comparing their Kid’s performance. Relations always weigh their status by the kids Education Status. It gives very big pressure to them.
  7. 7. Parents Factors of Pressure : Financial Issues Financial Issues of their own and Demands from Institutions bring pressure to their minds. Comparing the studies and marks of the children With their educational expenses.
  8. 8. Parents Factors of Pressure : Non-Listening of children Children, Teenagers not ready to listen advices From Parents. This brings pressure to parents And blackmail the kids by Saying.. I will not buy this for you! You will be in big trouble! I will commit suicide! We will throw you out from house!
  9. 9. Parents Factors of Pressure : Over-Expectation and Job Fear Parents getting their own pressure by expecting More from their children. They wanted their children Should be on top of the academic ladder. Job Fear and Employment Risk also bring pressure Into their minds. They are thinking about The kid’s Future and JOB.
  10. 10. Faculty
  11. 11. Academic Pressure Survey says..
  12. 12. Faculty Factors of Pressure :  Result oriented expectation from Institution. Updating Subjects Student’s Mindset and their behavior  Over load of Works other than teaching.
  13. 13. Faculty Factors of Pressure :  Result oriented expectation from Institution. Institutions expecting marks and 100% pass Results from every subject. Putting faculty under pressure for not bringing All students in same level, which is impossible. Comparing Other faculties with one and playing The shame and blame games.
  14. 14. FacultyFactors of Pressure :  Updating Subjects. Every year subjects getting updated and Students and Institution expecting the same from Faculties. Time to update is lesser and basic of the subject Is set to be enough. Procrastination and laziness makes them out Dated.
  15. 15. Faculty Factors of Pressure :  Student’s Mindset and Their behavior Students are not hearing Advices of Faculties. Classroom became a place for Teasing Teachers. Students taking advantages of free-minded faculties and make them cool by behavior but not Giving results. Students never understand the purpose of teaching.
  16. 16. FacultyFactors of Pressure :  Overload of Works other than teaching Teachers or Faculties are not only working In front of students. They have been given other works too. Institutions giving some other responsibilities and It affects their classroom behavior. Strikes, Sudden leaves, Indifinite Closes bring them Pressure of completing the syllubus in Given time. Family Issues also affects them.
  17. 17. Students
  18. 18. Academic Pressure Survey says..
  19. 19. StudentsFactors of Pressure :  Procrastination Subject knowledge and Interest Family and Friends Issues Distrations
  20. 20. StudentsFactors of Pressure :  Procrastination Students always have this attitude and creating Their own pressure upon that. All kind of procrastinations gives them relief for Some time and getting pressure on 11th hour. They usually thinks that, Subject is very easy And can complete it in a day.
  21. 21. StudentsFactors of Pressure :  Subject knowledge and Interest Usually students are not ready to learn . Just wants to get marks. So Understanding the subject is difficult to them. Not concentrating in the classroom and sudden Questions coming from faculties gives them pressure. Fear of tests and examination Lack of interest in field.
  22. 22. StudentsFactors of Pressure :  Family and Friends Issues Problems in personal life brings pressure. Family issues, Father’s Job, Mother’s illness, Financial Situation of the family are the major Reasons. Misunderstanding between friends, Love issues Expectation from Family Is giving them pressure.
  23. 23. StudentsFactors of Pressure :  Distractions In this generation, Lot of distractions engaging Students. Lack of Sleep also occurs. TV, Games, Mobile Usage, SMS, Movies, Outing Are the major distractions to kill time. Entertainments took more time and they started Thinking of studies and Fall under pressure. Thinking of exams when Taking Rest.
  24. 24. Conclusion Student ParentsFaculty It’s a triangular Relationship. One should understand Other Two. Elders Should express their real Intension of growing up the student. It will reduce the pressure.
  25. 25. Thank you Surekaa – Talent Factory