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Getting Started With Sketchnoting

Slides from my workshop 'Getting Started With Sketchnoting' at UX Scotland (#uxscot) in June 2013.

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Getting Started With Sketchnoting

  1. 1. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithGETTING STARTED WITH SKETCHNOTINGMichele Ide-SmithUser Experience Designer, Red Gate@micheleidesmith
  2. 2. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithAbout me• User Experience Designerbased in Cambridge• Sketchnoting sinceNovember 2011• Co-organiser of CambridgeUsability Group talks2
  3. 3. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithWorkshop plan• What is sketchnoting? (5 m)• Why do sketchnotes? (5 m)• How to create a sketchnote (30 m)• Break (10 m)• Let’s sketch! (8 m)• Sketch review (15 m)• Top tips (5 m)• Resources (5 m)
  4. 4. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithWHAT IS SKETCHNOTING?
  5. 5. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithWhat is sketchnoting?Visual note takingIllustration by Mike Rohde from The Sketchnote Handbook (Peachpit)
  6. 6. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithLots of different styles…Carolyn Sewellflickr.com/photos/pedestriantypeMike Rohdeflickr.com/photos/rohdesign
  7. 7. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithLots of different styles…agent.finflickr.com/photos/agentfinEva-Lotta Lamflickr.com/photos/evalottchen
  8. 8. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithLots of different styles…Francis Rowlandflickr.com/photos/francisrowlandGerren Lamsonflickr.com/photos/25552033@N06
  9. 9. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithDiscover your own style!Michele Ide-Smithflickr.com/photos/micheleidesmith
  10. 10. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithIt’s not just for talks…10Christian Freyhttp://christianfrey.caMatthew Magainuxmastery.com
  11. 11. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithWHY DO SKETCHNOTING?
  12. 12. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithLearning & MemoryPaivio’s ‘Dual Coding Theory’
  13. 13. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithSkills & ConfidenceExplore design problems Communicate andcollaborate with your team
  14. 14. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithEnjoyment!14
  15. 15. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithGETTING STARTED
  16. 16. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithTools of the trade
  17. 17. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithAt the event• Get a good seat with a clear view• Have your pens handy (it’s distracting forothers if you scrabble around in your bag!)
  18. 18. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithListening and live sketching• Listen for key points you’ll want to re-visit*• Great quotes? What would you tweet?• What metaphors and images pop into yourhead? Don’t be afraid to try sketching them.• Don’t stress if you don’t catch everything!The speaker will probably upload their slides.*a good speaker lays out the structure of their talk at the start
  19. 19. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithSlides are visual• Speaker slides provide rich visual imagery
  20. 20. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithStructurePath Molecule Grid Vertical Clouds
  21. 21. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithVisual Design Principles• Contrast• Repetition• Alignment• Proximity21
  22. 22. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmith22
  23. 23. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithVisual Design Principles• Contrast• Repetition• Alignment• Proximity23
  24. 24. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithMake the Talk title pop out• Do the title up front, or leave space tocomplete it after the talk24Francis Rowlandflickr.com/photos/francisrowland
  25. 25. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithDrawing PeopleLo-fidelity Hi(gher)-fidelity
  26. 26. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithShape, size, expression26Different body sizes Expressive
  27. 27. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithActivities and Motion27
  28. 28. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithDetail and character28
  29. 29. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithSpeaker portraits29Francis Rowlandflickr.com/photos/francisrowland
  30. 30. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithSpeaker portraits• Find an image of the speaker in Googleimages, Twitter or on the event website30You’re kiddingright?
  31. 31. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithActivity!• Draw a stick person using these basicshapes in 1 minute:31
  32. 32. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithFacial expressions32Happy Miserable DelightedAngry Surprised Worried
  33. 33. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithActivity!• Create these expressions in 2 minutes:33AngrySurprisedHappy
  34. 34. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithObjects
  35. 35. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithActivity!• Draw 3 objects in 5 minutes353. Whiteboard2. Toaster1. Smart Phone
  36. 36. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithContainers
  37. 37. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithActivity!• Draw a ribbon banner37
  38. 38. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithDividers & ConnectorsHorizontal CurvesShading adds emphasisConnectors
  39. 39. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithTypography
  40. 40. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithUse size And weight to denote hierarchy40Mike Rohdeflickr.com/photos/rohdesignGerren Lamsonflickr.com/photos/25552033@N06
  41. 41. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithPractise drawing type faces41
  42. 42. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithActivity!• Draw the UX Scotland logo in 5 minutes:42
  43. 43. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithShading and Colour43
  44. 44. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithMistakes happen…44• Use shading orturn the mistakeinto somethingelse, e.g. a badlydrawn neckbecame a scarf!
  45. 45. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithMistakes happen…45• If it’s not easy torecover, scan yournotes and fix theproblem inPhotoshop e.g. ifyou get thespeaker’s points inthe wrong order.
  46. 46. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithCoffee Time!46
  47. 47. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithWELCOME BACK! NOW LET’S SKETCH!
  48. 48. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithActivity!• It’s your turn to create a sketchnote!• Let’s watch a short TED talk (6 m 51 s)• Listen for key quotes & important ideasTom Wujec – Build a Tower, Build a Teamwww.ted.com/talks/tom_wujec_build_a_tower.html
  49. 49. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithAdd some Finishing Touches!Add colour & shading (I love Promarkers!)
  50. 50. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithSketch Review• Post your sketches up on the wall• Present your sketch to the group– What do you like?– What don’t you like?– What did you learn?50
  51. 51. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithShare Your Sketchnotes!Take a picture, orscan your notesThen share with people at theevent, or those trackingremotely!
  52. 52. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithSketchnote Communities• sketchnotearmy.com• flickr.com/groups/sketchnotes/• flickr.com/groups/thesketchnotehandbook52
  53. 53. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithTop 10 Tips1. Practise often! TED & UX talks, Vimeo,YouTube and Meet Ups2. Always take a sketchbook & pens to events3. Add title & speaker name before the talk, orleave space to complete them later4. Think like a designer – CRAP! (Contrast,Repetition, Alignment and Proximity)5. Don’t panic if you miss something!Transcribe 2-3 words, leave space & referto slides later
  54. 54. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithTop 10 Tips6. Watch the time & space you have left7. Use shading to turn mistakes intosomething else (or scan & edit inPhotoshop!)8. Add event name & Twitter handle9. Don’t use reverse of pages & add a blanksheet between pages (prevent bleedthrough)10.Relax, be creative & above all, enjoyyourself!
  55. 55. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithUseful Stuff!rohdesign.com/bookuxmastery.com/sketchnoting-101-how-to-create-awesome-visual-notesslideshare.net/jalderman/practical-sketchnotingsunnibrown.com/doodlerevolution
  56. 56. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithSketchnote HandBook Giveaway!• 3 copies of the SketchnoteHandbook by Mike Rohde togiveaway (thanks Peachpit!)• Tweet a picture of yoursketchnotes with thehashtags #uxscot and#sketchnote• Together with SoftwareAcumen we’ll select ourfavourite 3 sketchnotes bythe end of UX Scotland
  57. 57. Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmithGet in touch!@micheleidesmithwww.ide-smith.co.ukmichele [dot] ide-smith@red-gate [dot] come