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2011 CANARIE User's Forum

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I was invited to briefly (15min) discuss what researchers need in terms of a national cyberinfrastructure strategy.

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2011 CANARIE User's Forum

  1. 1. Dumontier::CANARIE user forum 2010 What researchers want? Michel Dumontier Associate Professor of Bioinformatics Carleton University Co-PI, C-BRASS NEP2
  2. 2. Dumontier::CANARIE user forum 2010 somebody who teaches courses, trains students at the undergraduate, graduate and post- graduate levels, writes grants, does research, deals with the administration, writes and publishes papers, and tries to have some kind of life
  3. 3. Dumontier::CANARIE user forum 2010 we’re successfulwe’re successful because of the helpbecause of the help we get along the waywe get along the way
  4. 4. Dumontier::CANARIE user forum 2010 first, we all have different needs second, the opinions expressed herein are reflect mine and those I’ve heard in one-on- one and group discussions
  5. 5. Dumontier::CANARIE user forum 2010 it’s not so much that there’s something fundamentally wrong, it’s just that we can do it better
  6. 6. Dumontier::CANARIE user forum 2010 we can build from a foundation of good work and good intentions
  7. 7. Dumontier::CANARIE user forum 2010 but, we really need a vision we can believe in government and funding agencies that understand and facilitate the broad spectrum across research and development, sustainability, commercialization and technology transfer a roadmap for building out national cyberinfrastructure (network, computing, data, instruments, community)
  8. 8. Dumontier::CANARIE user forum 2010 A successful strategy is one where we are given financial, material and professional support to accomplish our (shared) objectives 1. integrated cyberinfrastructure that leverages the investments made in network, computing and middleware towards knowledge discovery 2. professional capacity to develop NEP projects into sustainable and/or commercial endeavors
  9. 9. Dumontier::CANARIE user forum 2010 computing services (HPC / cloud / whatever) should exist to satisfy different scientific computing requirements HPC CLOUD
  10. 10. Dumontier::CANARIE user forum 2010 Research creates huge amounts of poorly analyzed data represented using ad-hoc formats that typically can’t be efficiently indexed, integrated, queried or consumed it impedes progress, and this needs to be addressed in a meaningful way
  11. 11. Dumontier::CANARIE user forum 2010 The Semantic Web is a web of knowledge It is about standards for publishing, sharing and querying knowledge drawn from diverse sources It enables the answering of sophisticated questions cyberinfrastructure needs to make use of such standards
  12. 12. Dumontier::CANARIE user forum 2010 myth #1:myth #1: People don’t likePeople don’t like or want to shareor want to share datadata they will do sothey will do so with properwith proper incentivesincentives
  13. 13. Dumontier::CANARIE user forum 2010 maximize investments in middleware i)promote integration and interoperability ii)facilitate sustainability and commercializaiton
  14. 14. Dumontier::CANARIE user forum 2010 Specific recommendations • define a coherent vision – to guide and be advocated by government, funding agencies, researchers and industry • use / extend data standards and promote software interoperability – facilitate software and data as services • develop expert capacity and involve professional support networks – commercialization and technology transfer
  15. 15. Dumontier::CANARIE user forum 2010
  16. 16. Dumontier::CANARIE user forum 2010 dumontierlab.com michel_dumontier@carleton.ca