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Lim Khim Katy (Vietnam, 1978)1

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Lim Khim Katy is a Cambodian / Vietnamese artist (born 1978 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) who draws inspirations for her paintings from real life experiences and interactions with ordinary people, many of who have endured hardship and suffering.

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Lim Khim Katy (Vietnam, 1978)1

  1. 1. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Creature Comforts 2014 Walking dream
  2. 2. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978)
  3. 3. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Deep in thought
  4. 4. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Women under sunshine (35x105 cm)
  5. 5. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Happiness (90x100 cm)
  6. 6. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Color of work
  7. 7. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Regular Meals (120x110cm)
  8. 8. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) A light meal (100x90 cm) Windy, 2010 (80x100cm)
  9. 9. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Relaxing moment (110 X120 cm)
  10. 10. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Motodrivers
  11. 11. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978)
  12. 12. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978)
  13. 13. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Angel meal
  14. 14. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978)
  15. 15. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Daughter in law
  16. 16. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Black sea (130 X 180cm)
  17. 17. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Flood
  18. 18. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Alone The joy of eating (90x100cm)
  19. 19. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978)
  20. 20. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) The flood (120X150cm)
  21. 21. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Eating (150X220 cm)
  22. 22. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnam, 1978) Going to the market in rain
  23. 23. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Falling asleep (100 X 90 cm)
  24. 24. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Hard life
  25. 25. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Muddy river
  26. 26. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) In a rush 100X90 cm Village in the Hills Confidence
  27. 27. Deep sleep (120X150cm) Taking a nap (110 x 160cm) The sleep of youth (90X100cm)
  28. 28. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Young bird
  29. 29. Different dreams, 110X120cm Daily lunch -110 X 120 cm Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Eating at midday (120X150 cm)
  30. 30. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Day dream 2013 (140X155 cm) Day dream 2014 (110 x 120cm)
  31. 31. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Empty bowl (120X150cm)
  32. 32. Man and woman (120x150cm) Forgetting everything (120x150cm) Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Deep sleep (110x120cm) 2013
  33. 33. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Escape 2017 (145x190 cm)
  34. 34. Gusto (120x150cm) Great moment (120x150cm) Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Listen media (90cm x 100cm)
  35. 35. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Looking for work (80cm x 100cm) Motodriver
  36. 36. Noon nap (110cm x 140cm) Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Under sunshine
  37. 37. Sleeping 2004(100x100cm) Hardship of life (120x150cm) Lim Khim Katy - Sunny smile 2013 (90cm x 100cm)
  38. 38. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Late lunch (120cm x 150cm) Flood season (120x100)
  39. 39. Lim Khim Katy- Mother and child 2018 (140x155 cm) Rest well (140x155 cm)
  40. 40. Lim Khim Katy- Self enquiry meditation 2017 (140x155 cm) Restful day (110x140 cm)
  41. 41. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Portrait
  42. 42. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Shadows (80x100 cm)
  43. 43. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Waiting for work (120x150 cm) Water bowls (120X150cm)
  44. 44. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) After a wedding (150x190 cm) 2010
  45. 45. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) The rich 2017 (110x140 cm)
  46. 46. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Waiting for sunshine
  47. 47. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Moment away (120X150cm) Sons (130x160 cm)
  48. 48. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Resting at noon (120 X 150 cm)
  49. 49. Lim Khim Katy (Vietnamese, 1978) Solitary (110 x 140 cm)
  50. 50. Born in Vietnam’s southern commercial hub of Ho Chi Minh City in 1978, Lim Khim Katy is the daughter of a Cambodian father and a Vietnamese mother, both of whom are artists. “My inheritance includes a love of colour, a familiarity with brushes and an attraction to shapes from the time I first became conscious of the sun and the moon.” Lim Khim Katy draws inspirations for her paintings from real life experiences and interactions with ordinary people, many of who have endured hardship and suffering. “My paintings come from the feelings generated by observing life around me, from people’s eyes, gestures and the individual emotions they express. I often observe emotions expressed in the faces of people who have suffered hardships. “Whenever I experience ‘artist’s block’ I stop what I am doing and take a walk by myself, alone with my thoughts in order to observe people; it’s the best inspiration I can ask for in my work.” Capturing a person’s eyes is what is most important for Katy. For her, eyes are the gateway to the soul. “When I look into people’s eyes I believe I can understand them and relate to their stories.” Katy’s paintings of nostalgic village homes or colorful landscapes express both strong emotion and great tranquility and compliment her often melancholic portraits.
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