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Barga - Medieval hilltop town

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Set in the beautiful mountainous northwest corner of Tuscany, the medieval city of Barga is situated on a spur overlooking the mid-Serchio River Valley.
Barga, in its heyday, was a stronghold of The Medici's Florence. Against the often fiercely independent republic of Lucca, and the Dukes of Este, or ubiquitous Visconti, it was known as Barga Fiorentina. This is still evident in its culture, language, art and architecture, and the proud Barghigiani continue to think of them as a cut above. Barga is nevertheless on the edge of the wilds of the Garfagnana, "land of wolves and outlaws" otherwise known for vast chestnut forests, wild boar, delicious pecorino cheeses and porcini mushrooms

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Barga - Medieval hilltop town

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  2. 2. Untouched by mass tourism, Barga is a true gemand more than picturesque! It is thequintessential Tuscan hill town! Its ancient,unspoiled and prosperous air seems attract thediscerning and the artist. Barga is known for itsartistic richness, historic monuments, mildclimate and genuine warmth of its residents.From atop the hill, which is dominated by theDuomo, a church whose origins predate theMiddle Ages, visitors are awed by the views ofthe green valley of the Serchio river, the majesticApuan Alps, renowned for their marble quarries,and the less rugged Appenines.
  3. 3. The Convent and church of San Francesco were built in the middle of the15th century by the monk Blessed Michael of Barga. At the entrance of theconvent is an enclosed cloister while the church features some splendidRobbian works such as a Nativity scene, the stigmata of San Francesco atVerna, stone simulacrums of St. Anthony the Abbott, St. Andrew and theAssumption.
  4. 4. this artwork hasbeen visitedeven by theKing and Queenof Sweden(1965).Near the church–arising from anancient lazarhouse- is thehospital.Initiated byDoctor PietroTalinucci andcontinued bythe people ofBarga, bothlocals andémigrés, it hasbecome one ofthe mostmodern andwell equippedhospitals in theSerchio Valley.cloister
  5. 5. cloister
  6. 6. Le Stigmate di San Francesco alla Vernaattribuita a Girolamo della Robbia 1500-1515
  7. 7. Palla delle Stigmate di San Francesco alla Vernaattribuita a Girolamo della Robbia 1500-1515Details
  8. 8. Palla delle Stigmatedi San Francescoalla Vernaattribuita aGirolamo dellaRobbia 1500-1515Details
  9. 9. Sant‘Andrea Apostolo (attribuito allaBottega Della Robbia 1490-1495)
  10. 10. ASSUNZIONEattributed toGiovanni dellaRobbia (1490)Sant‘AntonioAbate(attribuito allaBottega DellaRobbia 1490-1495)
  11. 11. PALA DELLA NATIVITA (attribuita a Luca della Robbia detto il giovane- 1509)
  12. 12. Detail: PALA DELLA NATIVITA (attribuita a Luca della Robbia detto il giovane- 1509)
  13. 13. Detail:PALA DELLANATIVITA(attribuita a Lucadella Robbiadetto il giovane-1509)
  14. 14. Bargaoriginatedbefore theMiddle Ages asa castlesurrounded bywalls andentered throughone of threegates, two ofwhich PortaReale and PortaMacchiaia arestill standing.During the1300s Bargabecame theprincipal outpostof the Signoriadi Firenze in thearea.
  15. 15. Torre di Porta Mancianellaand Porta Mancianela
  16. 16. Santissima AnnunziataChurch
  17. 17. SS.Annunziata
  18. 18. The Chiesadel SantissimoCrocifisso is a12th centurystructure thatwascompletelyremodeled inthe 17thcentury.
  19. 19. The Chiesa del Santissimo Crocifissois a 12th century structure that wascompletely remodeled in the 17thcentury.
  20. 20. the conventknown as theConservatorio diSanta Elisabetta
  21. 21. This convent was founded by Michele Turignoli of Barga in the15th Century for young women who wished to enter the ThirdOrder of St Francis (papal bull of Pope Callisto IV in 1456). In1787, it was transformed into a school for young girls(conservatorio) by the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo who orderedit to be amalgamated with the Dominican convent in Bargasituated near the church of the Santissima Annunziata on thestreet now known as Via di Mezzo.
  22. 22. the convent known as theConservatorio di SantaElisabettaThe school, which wasrun by nuns of the Orderof St. Joseph, providedan education for girlsfrom less fortunatefamilies, who could studythere right up to the levelof a teaching certificate.Giovanni Pascoli definedthe school as a: "...fucinadi maestrine dimontagna..." (a forge forhilltown teachers).
  23. 23. LAssunzione (The Madonna of the Cintola). Glazed terracotta altarpiece attributed to the workshop of Benedetto Buglioni, 1500 caBarga - Conservatorio di Santa Elisabetta
  24. 24. LAssunzione (The Madonna of the Cintola). Glazed terracotta altar pieceattributed to the workshop of Benedetto Buglioni, 1500 caBarga - Conservatorio di Santa Elisabetta
  25. 25. “Maestaine” are sacredimages which can befound along pathwaysor on outdoor walls ofhouses, huts, barnswhich people used topray to God or to theMadonna for anabundant harvest or forprotection againsthunger and illnesses orfrom war.
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